Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Great News!

Well.. great for me.

I FINALLY got word on my severance package. As my husband says in Arabic - "El Hamdo lelah!" (It translates to Thank God or Thanks be to God!

Sooo.. as it turns out, on the 15th I will get a regular paycheck with my 85 hours of vacation. THEN - I will get one more check on the 30th and that will be the final one.

Heck, it's better than nothing. AND - by then the unemployment should kick in.

All together now - El Hamdo lelah!

I guess for me, the good news is, I will be fine through September, maybe even October. If I stick to the basics, I should have enough time to truly pay rent, car, insurance, and essentials. No extras for this girl! But that's okay, I have been spoiling myself for years. I have been blessed to make the income I was given, and you know - it's money. Simple math.

Money comes and it goes. I have to just be super smart about it.

(Have you noticed this entire time I am only talking about my income?) Because THAT's how I am. I will take care of me. Always have, always will. God willing, except for unemployment, I won't have to ask for any hand outs. (From family, friends, etc.)

Today is my day to do a little laundry, organize a few more cabinents, read a little, watch a little tv... just be me.

I sent my resume to a  television station last night for the Morning Show  Producer position. It's a tricky position - horrible hours (10:30pm - to like 7:30am or so.) Less money.. but I'm good at it, and it could be my entrance back into TV News.

Just. Not. Sure.

O f course, that's if they even accept me! :-)

Today there are two other positions someone sent me online - one at an area hospital (Marketing/Communications) and the other with a very prominent Non Profit (Volunteer Management.) I will shoot out a resume to both and just see what happens.

Strategic. ;-)

As for life in general -Day Two of Ramadan. The egyptian did well yesterday, he looked tired and grumpy (what's new?) But that sort of comes with the holiday. I find it fascinating that my muslim friends get so excited about Ramadan. They fast ALL DAY, then basically eat a big meal at night, and a small one before the day begins.. and pray a lot. They say they love it. I guess I am so used to my Westernized/Euro-Christian Holidays.. where celebrating involves over-indulgence, presents, and lots of songs and laughter. I can see where Ramadan is nice, to grow closer to God. But to me, it's an interesting concept. See, as a Christian, we believe Jesus died on the cross for our sins, and loved us so much he endured the pain and suffering.  To me fasting all day is like suffering. Though, I understand the purification properties, and putting God above our own basic needs...

It's just interesting to me that, in their eyes, it's a joyous occassion. (Perhaps our concept of joy is different. I often concentrate on the earthly joys, when they are concentrating on the eternal joys.) Something to be learned from my muslim friends, for certain. (Though, I guess my 40 days of Lent is similar, but I do NOT look forward to Lent. ;-) )

It is now time to finish up the laundry.

PS - Did I mention how much you guys ROCK??


Cristina said...

yay for severance packages :)

loving your positive attitude. I'm sure things are going to work out just fine.

Yenta Mary said...

What a great post! Good news, coupled with lessons to be learned and wisdom to be gained, AND opportunities ... wow!!!


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