Monday, August 1, 2011

Busy as a Bee

There's nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein.
  ~Walter Wellesley "Red" Smith

Tomorrow will be a treat. (Wait, I am writing this late, it will probably be tomorrow by the time you read this.) Tuesday will be better. Monday was BUSY. What happened to becoming a Lady of Leisure??

Just a recap - This morning was a surreal/whirl wind. I gulped down a cup of coffee and left yet another message with my former employer's HR department. Not surprised, I thought that might happen. Would love to know when I am getting my severance. Regardless, I have emailed and called numerous times...

THEN I tackled the Unemployment Website. It was fairly easy.. with that being said, I hope I did it right! According to the website... 3 weeks until I get paid, IF it gets approved. *Sigh*

I had a lunch meeting with a friend of a friend today. She is the Assistant News Director at a TV station in town. She was a hoot! Great personality, wicked sense of humor, and truly a delight to chat with. An added bonus, she asked me to shoot over my resume! Heck, you never know! ;-)

Later, I rushed over to meet another friend, since she asked me to drop her off at the train station. Unfortunately, my car is too small to take her and her 3 kids and all of their luggage. Sooo.. I jumped in her car, and drove it back. Next week, I will pick them back up and get my car back.

THEN - I rushed to pick up the egyptian. Lord, was he hanging on by a thread. It was the first day of Ramadan, and the weather is brutal and he had not had a glass of water since before the sun rose.

With all of the running around, I had to cancel my chance to visit my friend, Laura and her little one. :-(

In other words, I think Tuesday may go a little smoother. I need to update my resume and shoot it over to my new contact at the TV station. Then I need to apply for 2 other jobs another friend sent over.

I know everyone keeps telling me to take it a little easy this week, but how do you pause on job opportunities? I just can't.

In between everything else, I am cleaning like a devil. Reorganizing, and just trying to pull it all together. Maybe that is a side effect of the rest of my life going out of control, I tried to put a little order back in my house.

Tuesday needs to involve reading, the pool, and little me time. I NEED TO DECOMPRESS. I think tomorrow is the day to do it.

Before I close, I want to thank each of you for your kind words, prayers, emails, etc. I know, without a doubt, I can come here and see wonderful, uplifting comments. I wish I could answer each of them, however sometimes I can't type comments on other blogs. But know, I read them, and I adore each of you.

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