Sunday, August 14, 2011

Morning Rituals

"The morning cup of coffee has an exhilaration about it which the cheering influence of the afternoon or evening cup of tea cannot be expected to reproduce." ~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., "Over the Teacups," 1891

Oh how I love my morning cup of coffee. I view that first sip as one of the best moments of my day.

This morning, as I was grabbing my cup and heading into the sun room, I realized something. I have a basic morning ritual. What is significant about that thought is the fact that I am not a 'routine' type of girl. Nope, I pretty much go with the flow.

But in the mornings... now that's another story.

Let's take this morning- same as any other morning. I usually lay in bed a minute, allowing my eyes and mind to wake up naturally. I am not sure if it is just me, but everything seems so much clearer in the mornings. The colors brighter, the sounds more distinct. Perhaps a rested Nicole, is a "sharper" Nicole.

As all humans do, I head to the bathroom first. Those bladders, I tell you....

I take my morning medicine (some pills for my High BP) and a pop a multi vitamin and a glucosamine. All the essentials to LIVE. Then, without fail, I will exfoliate my face. I like the feeling of just cleansing off all of the old - it feels wonderful.

Next I head straight to the kitchen. I fill up my coffee pot and start to brewing. Unfortunately, I don't smell the coffee quite like I used to. I have a theory that my Nasanex has taken some of the sensitivity to smell away. LOL

Then the moment happens... I pour that first cup, add my creamer... and I walk, very slowly to the sunroom. I look out at the greenery and the sun shining through, and I take that first sip. Ahhhhhh..... warms the soul.

I will usually sit and wait for inspiration (doesn't actually take very long) - and then I share whatever crazy little thoughts with you guys.

I know I have told you I am reading the Artist's Way again. But I did read it several years ago, and one of the things I picked up on early was the "Morning Pages." That my dears, is what I do here. That's why I always joke and say it's dribble.

I do get a little serious from time to time. But mornings like this one, it's just observations. Usually by this evening, I will write something a little more in depth.

You might have noticed I was a little quiet yesterday, I just needed a little time to chill out. It had been a pretty long (relaxing) week.  Thank GOD - my severance (part one) came in. That was 2 weeks pay and a little over 2 weeks vacation in one hit. Translation - more money than I think I have ever had in my bank account. hahaha. I get one more installment at the end of the month. Still no unemployment - but that's okay.

Today is going to be relaxing. I begged the egyptian to agree to a movie today. Plus, I would like to go back to that church I tried last week. I used to attend Prince of Peace Catholic Church. I was very involved. But honestly, it was not my style. Back home, I would attend a very traditional church. POP was more modern. I found another Catholic church not too far from here, it's called St. Peter's - I really like it. The priest was adorable... shorter than me, and probably 90 something years old. He gave a really sincere homily. I don't know.. I just liked the feel of it. Everyone was - Nice.

Happy Sunday to each of you!


Bossy Betty said...

Glad you got a little relief in the form of a check. I sued to get a little irritated with my morning pages, but it's supposed to be dribble. Not a coffee drinker, but insert the words Diet Pepsi instead and I understand completely.

Laura said...

I love your Sunday morning ritual -- I have a similar one. And I will say that there is nothing like that first sip of coffee, from that first cup of coffee, from that first pot of coffee, very first thing in the morning! It is just priceless!

Leanne said...

There is nothing like that first cup of joe, and I love the whole idea of a morning ritual. Years ago, (before Ella was born) before my sister was married, she would come over every Saturday morning (early before PG or Katie would wake up) and we would sit with a lovely cup of coffee and catch up on our week. Those quiet mornings hold some of my favorite memories of time spent w/my sister, and this post reminded me of them. Thanks, dear.


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