Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Future is Bright

All it takes is one bloom of hope to make a spiritual garden. ~Terri Guillemets

If that is true - then "Let my garden grow!!"

Tomorrow I have a big day, as far as possible "transitional living" can go. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to at least "see if" I am a fit somewhere. There is a possibility for yet another adventure, and to be honest with you - no matter how I would like to down play it, it sort of fills me with hope.

What can I say- I romanticize the little things?! ;-)

It may not work out, and it might work out... but that's the beauty of hope - it gives you SOMETHING to look forward to. If nothing else, I can chalk it up to experience.

I am hopeful about a hand full of really good stuff...

1. - Possible job!

2. - Fall - yes, blessed, oh perfect - fall is just around the corner. I L-O-V-E that time of year.. and I know without a doubt in one month, we will start to see little hints of it. THAT'S exciting.

3. Football season. Don't laugh. I don't actually follow football, nor do I enjoy watching it - but I LOVE knowing it is here. There is something so "community-esque" about it, and ... well.. 'fall.' It's just Americana at it's finest.

4. Ramadan ending (I will get my egyptian back! He is deeeeeeeep in fasting now. 1/2 way there!)

5. Finally - there is something comforting about seeing the school buses on the road. It's like the world is back to normal.

I don't know.. maybe I am seeing that little ray of sunshine poke through. Somehow, someway.. this personal nightmare will be coming to an end soon..

I look forward to that day.

PS - Lost another baby. My parents just called (right as I was about to post this - that my cat, Snowflake died about 15 minutes ago. :-( )
RIP Snowflake December 2000 - August 2011


Life, Laughter and Paris said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Snowflake! What a beautiful face. It's always so sad losing a member of the family and again, I'm sorry to read your sad news.

Annie Joy said...

So sorry to hear about your sweet little cat. Today was my husband's first day driving a school bus -- it's his after-retirement part-time job. The last two evenings, we went out to practice his new route. Blessings on him and the other caring and patient people who transport the children to school, especially on these very hot days! Annie

Leanne said...

Sorry about snowflake . . . That kind of took a bit of my joy out of this one. I remember thinking this picture was the coolest when you shared it with us this summer.


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