Tuesday, August 2, 2011

High School

Okay - enough with the day-to-day... I want to have a little fun in a post. You know how I get on these kicks?
Ok.. I was listening to some music tonight. Just some good-old fashioned songs from my High School Days.

To the left you see my senior picture. This is the one you would see in my High School Year Book. Oh yeah. Prairie dress - Big Hair and all.

Cracks me up.
Just so you can reference the time frame, I was in High School from 1987 -1991.  Middle School 85 - 87. Elementary School - 79 - 85. Oh yeah... good times and even better music with fabulous style all mixed together!!
I thought I would share with you a few (only a few) pics of me from that time period of my life, as well as some of my absolute FAVORITE songs. I know these were my favorite, b/c I popped open my diary from then. 


9th Grade - (87 - 88)

That's me - second from the left - at school.. I am thinking either 10th or 11th grade.

10th Grade - 88-89

10th Grade Year Book Picture

11th Grade 89-90

12th Grade 1990 - 1991

That's just a minor example of goodies.. some I saw that I documented in my journal. LOL

What about you - what were YOU listening to in high school??


Tanya Ott said...

Love the hair!! (I had it too ... '88 grad)

Leanne said...

Big hair and Prairie dress??? You crack me up!

TV's Take said...

Love that picture! Sounds like we were on the same channel musicwise.


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