Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Journey

For two years, I have shared so many facets of my life! One of my favorite ways to blog is through "photo blogs" little peeks into my life. Tonight will be no different, but first I want to share some of my more favorite "pictorial journeys."

Please click on the following links...

Eight Hours of My Life


New Orleans



Those are just a few of my faves...

But now.. what have I been up to the past week??

Saturday night I went to The Nick in Birmingham, AL.  Some call it the CBGB of the South. This was Rock U Live Karaoke. (Karaoke with a live band accompanying you. Plus, it was all 80s hard rock & metal. LOL)

The Nick ladie's room reading material

Art Folk Gallery, Downtown Birmingham

B Metro Magazine CD Release Party at Art Folk Gallery

Leaving the CD Release party with fellow blogger, Shermika!

Amazing Photography Show!

August Release of B Metro Magazine

Fellow blogger, Tamika at the CD Release party.

Leaving the CD Release Party, Downtown Birmingham

Shemika and I about 1 mile or so from my home. Did you know Birmingham has mountains? ;-)

Middle Eastern Snacks

Little Renn came over for a visit.

The egyptian's mosque

Visiting with Baby Veda Jane and Laura

Shemika and Tamika viewing the more beautiful parts of Birmingham

A little mall walking with the girls

Dinner ~ Middle Eastern Style

Turkish Coffee & Baklava

Wings Baby!


The Bipolar Diva said...

baklava and wings! the perfect meal!

Leanne said...

Yummmm-0!!! I can't get past the food pics (that's what I get for blogging before breakfast!) love the photos or your recent adventures (the gallery shots are super cool!)

becca said...

wow what a great time you had looks like lots of fun


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