Friday, August 19, 2011

Things I Have Learned This Week

Things I have learned this week:

1. That apparently, when you are full of toxins, your body gets a little "squishy" and "puffy." Apparently the only cure is drinking lots of water and having a Lymphatic Massage. I have to say, it has worked wonders.

2. To NEVER stop by a "Great Clips" - even for a simple trim. It was a Monday, and no one (any real Salon) was open. So - I found a place and decided to get a trimmy trim trim. Thank GOD I know how to restyle my hair. But my bangs - WTF?

3. That L'oreal's Sublime Mousse Hair Color in Dark Ice Chocolate is pretty good. It was easy, it was fast. However, I don't think it is best for gray coverage. But overall, I give it an A.

4. That Ross Dress For Less is stepping up their game. I found a great Wrap/Sweater thingy by Michael Kors marked down from $150 to $25.99. SCORE.

5. That Gray is going to be my color this Fall. I keep finding items I like, and they are all in gray.

6. That apparently the egyptian loves croissants. I bought I container full from Publix, thinking it would be a safe item to keep in the house. (He never requests them.) I thought for sure this would be my little morning item, with a little cream cheese. Out of a box of 12 - in two days, I had 4 (2 one day, 2 the next.) But somehow - the box is empty this morning. Hmmm...

7. There are people who enjoy board games, other than me! I invited a new friend over with her 12 year old son. We enjoyed cake, coffee, and played the game of Life for about an hour. It felt good to break out those old games again.

8. That apparently all I have (outside of the game of Life) are Trivia Games. I need to stock up on other things people might enjoy. (All of my smart friends are back in Georgia. ;-) )

9. That there is an entire movement within the African American Community for women to go "natural." I learned this from the See Jane Write organizer, Javacia, at her blog called Georgia Mae. I simply had no idea ~ I just thought the curls where a new style - and thought it was adorable. Did not realize there was a whole empowerment message behind it. Fascinating.

10. That my brother-in-law and his new wife are expecting a baby in 6 months!! I will be the American Auntie!

11. That I can forgive, especially when I have been hurt so deeply. Sure, little twinges of "I've been wronged" jump back up ~ but it's not worth holding onto.

12. That I can be incredibly patient. Still waiting on word about the interview. *sigh*

13. That I am in love with my new book - Tao Te Ching.

14. That it is hard for me to plow through history books. I want to consume them, and they "taste" good - and I know they are "nutritional" for my brain.. but they are like a touch piece of meat. Just hard to get into.

15. That without insurance, my drug costs go from $10 a month to $55 a month. Sheesh!

16. That if I don't get a job soon, we could get in a lot of trouble with immigration. Yep. I might need to hurry up with those Arabic classes - because we might have to move to Egypt.

17. That I am a procrastinator when it comes to that storage room. I can say - I did open up the door to see what I was working with. I saw a spider and that was the end of that.

18. I miss having access to a mailbox at work. I keep forgetting to stop by the Post Office to return my Netflix movies.

19. That whether I like to admit it or not, I actually enjoy watching the Jersey Shore.

20. It's been 21 days since I was let go.  One interview. One severance check. No unemployment yet. Grrr


Steven Rosenbaum said...

Well written!

Heather said...

I still have my copy of the Tao Te Ching from when I was in middle school... it is extremely beautiful to read and meditate by.

Leanne said...

Well! I do believe that was a pretty great week lesson. Love to hear your newest observations. They always make me smile!

Dizzy C said...

Lovely post as usual. :)

Do hope something on the job front comes along soon.

I cannot believe you have one grey hair to cover!

Pls stop by and accept this award, your blog means a lot to me


Maeve Frazier said...

That is one busy week with lesson learning.

TV's Take said...

Once again looks like you learned a lot. I would have liked to have been a solid gold dancer too.


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