Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Nose Went Upward

For the most part, I am open-minded and a fairly accepting girl. But there are times my nose will head straight up, and I will snub, even the closest of friends.


Oh... I have my reasons...

People who throw the bible around as a way to condemn anything and everyone. (That goes for the Qu'ran, Torah, and any other sacred scripture.) I HATE when people assume you are going to hell. Just leave me alone.

People who eat at chain restaurants all the time.
Also - anyone who travels abroad and eats at an American Chain restaurant.


Plastic Surgery

Consuming only processed food.

People who tan - excessively

Anyone who uses or goes to a tanning bed

Need I say more?

Oh how i deplore Walmart. It is sometimes a necessary evil. But if this is where you do ALL of your shopping....

Oh my...

It's what's wrong with this world.

Support your local Mom & Pop.

That should conclude my dislikes for the day!

What would you add? What do you agree on!

Make sure to check out the other links to get a full understanding. ;-)


Cheeseboy said...

I am in agreement with 100% of these items. Well done.I especially agree with the going to hell thing... I guess I will be seeing you there.

Leslie Limon said...

I couldn't agree with you more on the processed foods!!! Even more irritating is buying a "from scratch" cookbook and all of the ingredients are processed foods! WTH???

T. D. said...

Lovely list!!!!!!!!!

Leanne said...

LOVE this list. . . Especially the chain restaurants one. Last week, while in NYC, Ella and Katie wanted to eat at McDonalds and I went into a whole rant (not only because I think McDonalds is gross, but because we were in NEW YORK CITY!!! Are you kidding me? You want McDonalds!!! Hell to the NO!!!!!!!) . . . Sorry . . . That kind of just came over me, again. ;) but I do love this list. Although, I am guilty of the occasional walmart visit. I'm sorry . . .


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