Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It is the small things..

To the left is a picture of the Gulf of Mexico in  Pensacola. So far.. so good.

The egyptian and I drove down to Mobile, Alabama last night. What normally should have taken 3.5 hours took a lot longer. One of the worst storms in sooo long just battered us all the way down.

As soon as we got to Mobile, we checked into the B&B and then, in fine egyptian fashion, we ended up at the Waffle House for dinner. Now, before I pick on him about his eatery choice, to be perfect honest - it was late, and it was the only place open. After that - we realized his flip flop was busted -soo.. a midnight trip to a sketchy Walmart. Joy.

This morning turned out to be close to perfection. We woke up waaay early to hit the road for my meetings in Pensacola. We enjoyed an excellent breakfast with the owners of the B&B and hit the road.

Unfortunately, as we crossed Mobile Bay we could smell nothing but dead fish and see oil clumped up. SAD.

We got to Pensacola, I dropped the egyptian off at a bus stop - then I headed to the airport to get my manager. She took a conference call at a local Panera and I indulged in a cappuccino. Later we headed to Lamar Advertising and had an excellent meeting. Starbucks, Pensacola New Journal, Independent News and WEAR ABC - all excellent meetings. I got what I came for.

For lunch, my manager and I had lunch at the famous McGuire's Pub!

I have to be honest - not sure why it is famous - but it is a Pensacola staple.

Lots of navy folks in there.

The ceiling in this place really freaked me out - dollar bills hung from the ceiling. All I kept thinking about was that scene from the movie "Seven" with the smelly tree things hanging from the ceiling! Remember that?

I picked the egyptian up from the National Naval Aviation Museum.  He said he took about a million pictures all around the place.

I am glad we had a place for him to hang out. :-)

Later he and I drove across to Pensacola Beach and enjoyed an excellent dinner at Crabs. Get this - their tagline is.. "Crabs.. we got them."

It was good!
Soo.. what is up now? I just got back from the outdoor jacuzzi and pool here at the B&B.. and I am sitting in my PJs watching True Blood - Season 3 episode one. Hmmm... close to a perfect night!!!

Sorry for a play by play - but I am just sooo content! :-)


Leanne said...

Sounds so wonderful - except the dead fish and oil :(

So glad you are enjoying this time! Love the photos!

Nicole said...

Thanks Leanne! Iam planning on catching up on everyone's blog posts on Friday! I hope you are well!

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a wonderful meeting with Lamar!

Stephanie Sander
Lamar Advertising


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