Saturday, June 12, 2010

Random Views

I have lots of blog friends that celebrate Wordless Wednesday. I like the concept, but I do not have enough material to do something like that every Wednesday. Instead, I thought I would share a smattering of photos I have taken that represent a moment in my life. A true, unplanned, snap shot of something that has happened.

These are the moments. The ones we never forget. I will attach words, because I want to tell you a little story about them.

This is a mini-year in review. Just taking stock in some good views and good times.

My view today at 5:30pm. I typically take a book, and relax by the pool on Saturdays and Sundays. I never stay more than an hour or so. Plus I always wear my sunscreen. But this is my view. It is a peaceful place to be.

My flip flops for the pool. If you know me, you know how I hate Flip Flops - I have owned this pair for years and years now. The only time you will see me with them!

In the past year, this is a scene I witness about 5 times a day. My husband is muslim, and here he is praying and reading the Qu'ran in our bedroom. I love how devoted he is to God. It's a beautiful thing.

This happens to be one of the best dinners I have eaten all year. I was in Mobile, Alabama on a work trip and found this hole-in-the-wall southern soul food dive. Man oh Man. Lip smacking good.

This happens to be one of the best nights the four of us spent together. Hesham (the egyptian's best friend from Alexandria) and my friend Crystal all went to a baseball game last July. Crystal and Hesham fell crazy mad in love - at least three of us drank $1 beer and ate 25 cent wings and watched the Birmingham Barons kill some random team. That was the night C & H met - now, they are planning to get married. Crazy.. crazy! Historical moments.

Crystal, the egyptian and I went on a fantastic road trip to Destin, Florida in October. This is as we were driving down (only about 3 hours from Birmingham). Last time we spent time in the Gulf - who knew, just 8 months later one of the largest national disasters would ruin the beautiful waters.

Proof that good friends are not far away. The egyptian and I had a wedding reception a few months after our small private wedding in a Mosque. Here you see a mix of old friends and new friends - joining us as we hit the streets of my hometown, Macon, GA to celebrate our love!

One of my favorite pictures. The Egyptian and Autumn (my niece) met for the first time. She was immediately in love with her Uncle Ya Ya. I think I captured the mutual admiration well!

My 37th birthday was divine! I had a non-celebratory un-birthday party! LOL Some of my closest friends came to my home and we talked, ate tiramisu and hummus, played a few board games and just had a splendid time!
This is a pic of my husband the first time he toured the grounds around my parent's home. I think the picture said it all.

My niece greeted me upon arrival to my parents house. She picked one of the flowers from my mother's garden. (My family lives several hours away.) She came running and said.. "Look, Auntie Cole - I got you something."

I did have a cat (to replace my Maximus) - this one is Lestat, the vampire cat. Unfortunately, the egyptian was completely against having animals in the home. However - now Mr. Lestat lives with my parents. For a few months there, this little tabby devil was the love of my life. He is now the love of Autumn's life.

My sister and niece visited this Christmas, and made a gingerbread house. This little creation lasted a whole week. The four of us decided demolition was necessary for happiness of the belly!

This is something I never thought I would try - Broom Hockey. LOL If you look real closely (or click to enlarge) you will see I snapped the camera right as the egyptian was about to fall on his behind!!! lol

My parents own many acres of land in Jones County, Georgia. This is a little bridge behind their house - they are in the Oconee National Forest. My niece was showing her uncle Ya Ya where she likes to slay dragons.

This is the scrumpt-dilly-icious bed the egyptian and I shared in Savannah, Georgia this past December at The Mansion. We both agree - best bed - EVER!

It has been over one year since my parents visited me - but here is a picture of them at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens at their last visit.

There are so many good things about this moment and this photo. This was at our "Arabian Nights" themed wedding reception. My sister created this middle eastern pillow "red velvet" cake for us. Was just a nice moment.
On one of my trip to my hometown of Macon, Georgia - I showed my husband where I went to church growing up. This is St. Joseph's Catholic Church - that's the "man" on the steps!

The homes in my home town of Macon, Georgia are very much antebellum. The egyptian was amazed at the size of them. In his country, most people live in tiny flats.

How can I forget this day? His first american cheese burgar!!

This was really a funny moment. This bird was trying to eat my shirt - and it tickled! We were at the Birmingham Zoo.

Welcome to Alabama. lol His first time seeing an out house. hahahaha.

Appreciating Rodin.

Finally - yes, that's me - with the Prez. Definitely a moment to remember always!


Mama Hen said...

You could do just one picture each Wednesday! Its an idea. I love the picture of you and the kitty cat! I also like the bue sandals! I hope you are doing better! Have a great Sunday!

Mama Hen

Leanne said...

Wonderful "Random Views" today! You live quite a full life, I'd say! (Really cool picture of you and Mr President. how exciting!) Thanks for sharing these!

Re: your comment on my blog today - I do all of the headers/artwork on my blog - a little creative thing I like to do. Actually just did a blog for a friend of mine, too, at I think I might want to venture into this a little, but who knows! I love changing my header regularly and adding things - and I was really tired yesterday (therefore needed lots of iced coffee!) Thanks for noticing!!! It's FUN!!!

Anonymous said...

The food pic you said was the best. I believe it! IT LOOKS SO TASTY!
ps. You met Barack too?! I only got to shake his hand real quick after he gave a town hall speech in NH.No awesome huggy pictures for me! LUCKY!


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