Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A new perspective

This summer is really turning out quite nicely.

I have successfully moved to a new office.

I have great relationships with my co-workers.

The egyptian and I are working on finding our routine. (We even went to the gym together tonight. I was quite impressed with his ability to run really fast for a very long time.)

I have tried hard to show my family that I am there for them.

I have removed myself from people who make me feel uncomfortable, or just rub me the wrong way.

I finally headed back to the ob/gyn and got that mammogram I was supposed to have two years ago. I spent two glorious days relaxing by the pool, reading, drinking my water, swimming, and making a few new acquaintances.

I bought a few books for summer reading - all from the Salvation Army.

I am heading down to Mobile/Pensacola for a three day blitz of media sponsorship meetings - and guess who is coming with me???? My egyptian!! He will chill at the B & B - but I am SUPER excited to take him with me.

I worked out a better schedule with the Personal Trainer.

I am scheduled to start my dance classes (Ball Room Dancing this time - specifically Latin (of course.)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you notice the extra exclamation points?? I get two private lessons and one group/party dance class as my introduction... then I enter the official class I want to take. Guess who owns the studio and will be teaching??????????????

Did you watch Dancing with the Stars??

Fabian Sanchez!! The Mambo King! Seriously!!!!!!!

I am trying to turn my "stay-cation" this summer into an action-packed good time to work on me! You guys know I have been toying with different ideas for this and that. I know I mentioned a week or so ago that I had a better idea what I could do.. and I finally made a decision that made sense for me.

Dance classes, personal training, weight watchers using the mediterranean diet, day trips to explore alabama, meeting new and interesting people, and spending time losing myself in good books - that's how my summer is shaping up!

I am beginning to see color again. Does that make sense? My journey feels like a different type of transition - an internal one.

I am optimistic about the future.

What are you optimistic about this summer?

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Anonymous said...

Good for you!


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