Saturday, June 19, 2010

In the end .. it was the beingets.

In my last post, you witnessed an extremely exhausted Nicole.

Between the getting up super early, driving back to Birmingham from New Orleans, then standing in line at the DMV was just a bit much.

Today I thought I would share the highlights of my trip.

Granted, as you obviously know - there were some moments that almost pushed me over the edge, but for the most part, it was an excellent trip.

(If you are new to my blog, and just visiting - I have a large territory for work. Had to travel to Mobile, Pensacola - then for pleasure headed to New Orleans.)

Without further ado.. here is my list of "highlights" from my trip.

Drive Down:

1. The egyptian (my husband) and I got to spend some quality time together.
2. We jammed out to Kid Rock, John Legend and Evanescence. (odd mix, I know.)
3. I used the absolutely most terrifying drive (serious storm.. it was dark) as a great opportunity to teach him a little about driving in the rain.. in the dark.. on a highway.
4. I also used the opportunity to discuss tornadoes - and what those ominous clouds looked like.
5. GPS worked excellently in order to the find the B&B.
6. Had a lovely experience at the Berny Fly Bed & Breakfast.

1. The drive over the long Mobile Bay Bridge was not as taxing as it was last time.
2. We were afforded the opportunity to see the oil sheen (a historical event :-( ).
3. We had a 1/2  second to roll down the windows and smell the fresh air. We learned something else - oil + water = dead fish every where. Smell was definitely not good.
4. GPS was excellent again - found the bus stop for the egyptian to make it to the National Naval Aviation Museum to see the Blue Angels.
5. Met some excellent new media contacts - Renee at Lamar, Rick at the Independent News, Greg at the Pensacola News Journal, Dana at CAT Country FM, Kathy at WEAR ABC.
6. Had lunch at McGuires's Irish pub (famous apparently.)
7. Had dinner with the egyptian on Pensacola Beach at a restaurant called: Crabs. Highly recommend it. The seating overlooked the Gulf of Mexico (outside.)
8. Listened to a guy and his guitar pound out beach melodies like Buffet and James Taylor.
8. Watched the sunset over the 3 mile bridge back into Pensacola from the beach.
9. Has a relaxing swim and soak in a Jacuzzi (alone) back at the B&B.
10. Finally got to see the last episode of True Blood.


1. Had an excellent breakfast at the B&B with the owner and my egyptian. Fascinating conversation.
2. Met excellent media contacts in Mobile: Kyle & Ta'mara at FOX, Randy at the Mobile Press Register, Kristen at NBC, and Vinny D with Cumulus Broadcasting,
3. Had lunch in a tiny- adorable- historic home called "Courtland's." Best ceasar salad in a long time.
4. Visited the USS Alabama. That's a mighty big battleship from WWII.
5. Actually visited a submarine also.

New Orleans:

1. Went over half a dozen LARGE bridges on I-10. Helping break my fear of personally driving over them. I love bridges. I just don't like to be the one driving over them.
2. Checked into a hotel that would have been a lovely experience (the building itself is excellent - the hotel staff and their system sucks.) Chateau Bourbon.
3. Walked a million blocks and sweated out any calories I may have incurred on this trip.
4. Watched as the egyptian was amazed at the sites and sounds. I have never seen someone sooooo excited to be somewhere.
5. Had dinner and watched an amazing blues band on Bourbon street.
6. Ended the night at cafe du monde.. because.. it was all about me getting my frozen cafe au lait and my beingets. A long way to go.. I know.. but I got what I came for.


Dawn said...

Stopped by from Lady Bloggers Tea Party & so glad I did ~ the title of your blog called to me & then I saw why - love the ocean & anything vampire (anne rice will always be my fave but sookie has captured my attention!), hate bridges etc etc...looks like a great trip & I'm all about celebrating the journey! Ok...I think I just wrote more in my comment than I do in my blog :)

Leanne said...

(Is it wrong to lick the screen of your computer? Holy Cow - the first picture on this post was NOT FAIR!!! ... so tell me, was it as yummy as it looks?) Ok, enough of that! SO glad you are back (missed ya, blog friend!) Looks like in between the crummy moments were some really cool experiences. The photos are great! Almost felt like I was there with you!

Wendy said...

Other than the oil sheen and dead fish (so messed up...) I am quite envious of your travels! I know it was work but it sounds kind of fun!

Anonymous said...

That last picture of Toulouse and Bourbon is fantastic! For some reason, all the background, it just screams NOLA to me.

Anonymous said...

Oh and the first pic, uhm... YUM. That is all...


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