Friday, June 4, 2010

Scavenger HUNT!!!!

It is official - I am going to have a scavenger hunt for my loyal blog readers!!!
You may be wondering - what is the prize???

In time.. my little pretty.. in time.

Here are the rules:

1. You have to get all of the answers right.
2. You actually have to answer all of the questions.
3. The deadline is June 15th, 2010.
4. Email the answers to:
Please state which blog post (title) you got your answer from!! It is a must for each answer.


Okay.. now.. what is the prize? You have a choice!!

A Target gift card or a Starbucks gift card. PLUS - you get an added bonus to pick the topic of the June 20th blog! (Or you can actually be a guest writer!)

Soo.. here are the questions you must answer from the Destination Unknown Blog:

1. Where is Nicole's husband from? (Yes, city and state.)

2. How many bodies of water has Nicole visited?

3. How many countries has Nicole visited?

4. Name three of Nicole's childhood friends. (First names are all that is needed.)

5. Name three hobbies Nicole has participated in.

6. Name three things that make Nicole very happy.

7. Name three things that annoy Nicole.

8. Name three positions (job wise) Nicole has held.

9. Where does Nicole work?

10. If it was more acceptable at work, what article of clothing would Nicole wear?

11. What does Nicole crave most days?

12. Name three songs that make Nicole happy.

13. Name three other addictions Nicole has.

14. Name 5 items that Nicole considers to be some of her favorite things.

15. Name 4 items Nicole keeps in her refrigerator.

16. What kind of tree does Nicole identify with?

17. Name 5 social issues Nicole is interested in.

18. What is Nicole's religion (be specific)

19. Name 5 things Nicole is very proud of accomplishing (that she thinks is pretty cooool.)

20. Name 3 female celebs I think are truly graceful.

And a bonus question ** If you get this right, I will throw in a free recipe book!

- Describe Nicole's Fantasy Family/Life.

That's it!!

Good luck - and happy BLOG hunting. All of the answers are right here!!!

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