Sunday, June 13, 2010

I spy..

This morning I actually read every single blog entry my "blog friends" posted in the past 24 hours. Insomnia.

One that really caught my eye was Miel et Lait. She wrote about her honorary english "aunt" who taught her about being a lady. One thing she mentioned in there was how her grandmother was once a spy during WWII. Well.. sort of.

As I was cooking my Sunday morning omelet, I began thinking about spies and detectives and other professions like that. Then I looked over at my frig. Yes, that's the pic of it. COVERED in magnets. Which led me to believe - everything you need to know about me is clearly on my frig. Magnet clues, if you will.

If you have a perfect stainless steel frig with the freezer on the bottom and absolutely no magnets on it - I am jealous. Since I have a crappy, typical apt frig, I felt I had to dress her up.

Let's play detective...  **all pics taken with a camera phone What can you figure out about me from my magnets?

 Evidence: Over priced magnet of NYC. A girl could get lost in a city like that.

Evidence: Intentional quotes. Check library check list.

Evidence: Check out local coffee shops

Evidence: Hmmm..

Evidence: Voodoo ... purple, green, gold mime - New Orleans - again, a good place to hide out.

Evidence: Will clearly not find her at Williams & Sonoma

Evidence: Cheap airport magnet. Check the border

Evidence: Clearly too broke to buy anything else from the Biltmore - after a $40 entrance fee. Check bank records...

Evidence: The next two magnets are the obligatory kind from work. Hmm.. check places of business.

Evidence: Sign of champagne taste on a beer budget

Evidence: Cat lover - check out local Pet Smart & Pet Co

Evidence - Retro magnet - no significance

Evidence: Outdated business calendar provided by a friend. Hmm.. someone to interview

Evidence: Egypt. Hmm..

Thanks for patience during my delirious blog post. I got 4 hours sleep last night and thought this would be a good idea. Now that I am finished - it is soo silly. But I put time into it - so it is staying. If this is your first visit to my blog - scroll down to the next post.


In all seriousness, we all have little collectibles from our life and our travels. I buy magnets. This is not even half of the ones I own. They each have a story. Each represent something. And to be honest - half the time, was all I could afford on my trip. I was never one to go shopping on vacation. I spend money on eating, and touring. Trinkets? Nah.. that's what photos and video are for!

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