Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Blogger's Concierge

Is this my moment??  Could it possibly be? Will I, Shauna Nicole Abdou, get the awesome opportunity of becoming an A-Lister.

I think.. maybe.. just maybe it could happen.

Okay - what am I rambling about? My dear bloggy-friend, Melissa, has teamed up with her partner in crime (or style) and decided to create their OWN blog networking site. How cooooool is that??

Here is the site: http://thebloggersconcierge.com/ Clearly you MUST join up if you have a blog. The more the merrier.

Right now she is asking for people to write about why they should be an A-lister and tell a little about my own blog.

Well - first of all, I hate to be the last to catch on to things. For once, I want to be on the cutting edge. I also noticed, a few of my other friends are joining up (LEANNE) and I must not be left behind by my other excellent writer friends.

Also - because it is waaaaaay cool. (How silly is that?)

Now - my blog?! Welllll.. let's see.

I guess I could tell the potential powers-that-be-that-decide-if-I-am-cool-enough-to-be-an-A-lister that I am a 30-something (more toward the 40 end of things) girl from Georgia. I now live in Birmingham, Alabama - I am married to an egyptian (who recently immigrated to the states.) I tend to blog about these very things (wait - did I say blog, or vent??)

And THAT my friends is what I do - I either share a topic that is near and dear to my heart, then I write about it. OR, I share my latest rant du jour. OR, I do a bit of photo blogging (of trips, or day in the life of.. etc.)

I don't have children, so I am not a mommy blog. I am not an expert in any one "field of interest" - soo.. I guess I hate pigeon holing myself into one genre.

Basically - I write about life. The good, the bad, the ugly. I make lists. I ask for your contributions to that list. I share every detail (that is appropriate.. umm.. this is not one of those blogs.)

In the end - I am always searching. Taking a journey. In the end - my Destination is still Unknown.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole

Came by from A-List today and also saw you were LBS, me too. Nice to meet you and your blog.


Leanne said...

So LOVE that Melissa is doing this, aren't you? Now I can catch other A-Listers like YOU!!!! Wahoooo! (I SO love your blog, Nicole! I really really do!!!)

Leanne said...

awe, gees. I should have said, "don't you?" instead of "aren't you?" ... Looks like I need to freshen up on my writing before I'm on the A-list. Ah, well. Embrace the imperfections! That's what I always say! ;)

Gigi said...

glad you're on board with TBC...I'm Melissa's partner in crime :). Thanks for joining my personal blog...I am having some GFC issues but will try to pop back here and follow you once I resolve them :)


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