Sunday, June 6, 2010

Snake bites, Flower Girls, and No meds

My Sunday ended up VERY ODD. I just have to share - quickly.

If you are looking for something profound.. wait until tomorrow!

This is just one of those - gotta tell ya stories..

Sooooo... where to begin?

Let's start with the sad part. I just found out that my dear little lady bug (my niece) was left out of her father's latest wedding. (I say it like this - because this is his 3rd wife.) I saw pics posted, and saw that her 1/2 sisters were all in the wedding. Little Autumn was not there at all. My sister, (bless her heart), posted a FB status that said - " thinks if you have a beautiful wedding ceremony where "all" of the daughters are involved- wouldn't it be nice to ask ALL of the daughters - including a little 4 year old (say as a flower girl) who loves her daddy more than anything? I knew where she stood with her "grandmother"... it's nice to see how she stands with the rest of her family in Florida now... ranking a generic invitation. She deserved more."


The "grandmother" comment is about the fact that her paternal grandmother wishes she was never born. Triple ouch.

Obviously I wish my sister could cut this man out of their lives. However, I understand the whole needing a father bit.

Since I have nothing nice to say.. I will move to the next story..

Sooo.. I realized that I needed to pick up my BP med prescription from Walgreens this evening. Little did I know, the pharmacy closes early on Sundays. Boo - so I am unable to take my meds. I decided to call my mom to find out if she thinks it's okay to skip (you know, we always think ours moms have a m.d. behind their names..)

My sister answers the phone.. here is how the conversation went:

"Hey - can I speak to mom, please?"

"Umm.. she's not here."

"Where is she?"

"She's at the hospital. She got bit by a snake."


First of all - this is not the type of news someone with high blood pressure needs to hear with out meds.. while she lives 4 - 5 hours away.


I laugh now, because - thank GOD - she is okay. She stayed for observation, had some shots - and is now fine.

But still...

What a weird.. crazy.. day.

Just had to share!

1 comment:

Rene W. said...

oh, OUCH!! I grew up in "rattlesnake country" and would often see (or hear) them in the summertime. I was very lucky to skate by unscathed! Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog :) I'm following your lovely blog right back!!


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