Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Heading to the Gulf

Now that the hard part is over, I can try to relax and concentrate on two thing. One - I have a lot of work to do when I arrive there, and Two - I finally get to spend some quality/educational time with the egyptian.

Unfortunately I have a long list of items to accomplish before I officially "hit the road."

My dear blog friends, in order to sort my thoughts, I thought I would make a quick list - right here - of all that needs to be accomplished before I hit the road. Let's see if I can remember everything:

1. Stop by bank
2. Take egyptian to work
3. Fuel up the bug
4. Make corrections on the media sponsorships, print them out, put in packets/bags
5. Finalize an itinerary (work wise/egyptian wise) - mapquest the directions
6. Call bus station in Pensacola and check on bus schedule (for egyptian)
7. Pay bill
8. Fax insurance to car loan people
9. Purchase a few essentials
10. Eye brow wax
11. Get rental car
12. Fuel up rental car
13. Load rental with items
14. Spot clean apt
15. Pick up egyptian
16. Let him change clothes - then head to Mobile, Alabama. (About a 4 hour drive from Birmingham)

The good news, I will be returning to the same bed & breakfast I stayed at last time. Since I am a returning customer, they gave me a 10% discount! How lovely was that! We should be swinging into Mobile that evening. I packed some travel essentials: cds, hand sanitizer.. etc.

My hope is to get settled into the b&b and possible go for a late dinner. Not sure, depends on how tired I am. I have not been sleeping well, and ironically - I have not been drinking a whole lot of caffeine. Hmm..

Tomorrow morning I have to get up bright and early and head to Pensacola, Florida for meetings. (It's about 45 minutes from Mobile.) My crazy day looks like this:

1. Drop egyptian off at bus station so that he can get to the Naval Aviation Museum and catch the Blue Angels practice
2. Pick up my boss from the airport
3. Find a Starbucks - take a 9am conference call
4. Drive to Lamar Advertising to negotiate billboards for the market
5. Drive back to Starbucks to meet with local radio dj to discuss next year's activities
6. Head to lunch (I think the Fish House)
7. Drive to the Independent News to sign media sponsorship agreement
8. Drive to Pensacola News Journal to sign media sponsorship agreement
9. Take Advocacy conference call
10. Drive to WEAR ABC for media sponsorship agreement
11. Take manager back to airport so she can get her rental
12. Pick up the egyptian
13. Change clothes in a gas station'
14. Head to Pensacola beach for some good eats
15. Head back over Mobile Bay to the B&B.

Are you tired yet? Me too! And that's just day 1!

I won't bore you with Thursday - but know it will be a looooong day in Mobile.

I will blog, but it will be sporadic. I promise to post a few pics, and yes- most of the posts will be personal, versus a major issue.

Have an excellent weeks my peeps!

1 comment:

Leanne said...

Have a great trip! Be safe! Have fun! Enjoy life! Stop and smell the roses! and tell us all about it when you return!


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