Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Unplugging is awesome!

I am on this quest to simplify my life. I chose to "unplug."

That does not necessarily mean literally. I do have a few set rules. Want to learn more?

Nicole's Rules For Unplugging

1. I will not answer the phone. Seriously. I am on full screen alert. Unless, we have an agreement to talk at a certain time...

2. Which leads to scheduling my conversations. Yes - I have decided to make a point to call someone. Not randomly when I am bored.. and prattle about. My calls will be further apart and meaningful.

3. Short conversations. I don't want to know every detail of every thing from every one. Just simple pleasantries, then move on.

4. Limit Face Book to no more than 1 hour this week, 45 minutes next week, 30 minutes the next - and finally settling on 15 minutes a day - only! Talk about a time sucker and useless piece of drama.

5. Work will stay at work. No more bringing that home with me.

6. My time is just that - MY TIME. I will read, relax, take a hot bath, go to the pool, gym - whatever. My time begins after work.

7. The morning I hope to designate for quite meditation.

8. TV off, unless I am appointment viewing.

9. More hobbies, less electronics.

10. Read more - Write more - Love more. In no particular order.

I think THIS might help me this summer. I have adjusted the diet. I have a plan for the physical. I have made it clear - no more toxic. I am working on me and working on my marriage. We have a plan.

And to tell you the truth.. it feels good!


l'ananas said...

this sounds like a great plan. especially the calling people part. i hate talking on the phone, but if i called certain people, every so often and had meaningful brief conversations - it would ease the "ugh, i have to call and catch up with so and so" conversation.

Leanne said...

Fantastic idea here, Nicole...I may have to borrow a few of them for life. (Couldn't agree more w/#4 - actually took a BIG break from it a few months ago, and you know what? I'm not missing a thing!!!) Best of luck on your journey of peace! Thinking of you...


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