Friday, June 11, 2010

How Now Brown Cow

I think it makes complete sense to try to sort out who I am. Wait.. did that make sense?

Let me try this again..

After surveying my facebook "Destination Unknown" fan page, and Network Blog followers, my Blogger/Google followers and what not - I realized that over half of you - I DO NOT KNOW! exciting, and weird all at the same time.

I love to share my thoughts with a captive audience, but at the same time I need a disclaimer. Many of you may not know where I am "coming from" or what is going on or.. anything like that.

Since we clearly will not have the opportunity to make "official" acquaintance, I thought I would answer one of those silly surveys about me!

If you are just stopping by for the first time, it might be nice to know more about the girl - the destination - and why oh why there is no set format.

Yep - clearly there is NO method to the madness. ;-)

Sooo.. here you go. Me in a nut shell. But please oh please.. I want to know what you and I might have in common. Please let me know in the comment section!

All about yourself...

First name?: Shauna (it's Irish)

Middle name?:  Nicole  - this is what you can call me!

Like your name?: Yep. I think it fits my personality.

Named after anyone?: My father named me. Nicole was a character on the daytime soap opera, "Edge of Night." Apparently he thought she was super cute.

Any nicknames?: My family calls me Nicki. My friends from home call me Nicki. I went Nicole at the age of 24. I prefer it! I cringe when people call me Nicki. Seriously.

Age?: 10+10+10+7

Birthdate?: February 16

Birthplace?: The Medical Center of Central Georgia (to be exact) - now google and figure out what city that is in!

Time you were born?: 3:20pm. Yes.. I know this information.

Current location?: The Magic City (again - give it a try, see if you can find that one out!)

Height?: Shorty short short. Waaay short. Like under 5'2

Like your height?: If would be nice to be something like... oh.. I don't know.. 5'6.

Eye color?: Light blue. Used to be more gray blue. Now .. more blue - green.

Contacts/glasses?: I started wearing glasses at 36. I never wear them.

Hair color?: Dark Brown

Natural hair color?: Dark Brown

Dye your hair often?: Every 4-6 weeks. I dye it my natural color. Why? Because I have gray hair .. silly.

Righty or lefty?: Ambi.

Your favorite...

Type of music?: Driving - Classic Rock or Broadway Show Tunes; Work- R&B; Relaxing at the home - New Age; Cleaning - hard core rap or hair band metal; partying with friends- hip hop or alternative.

Band or singer?: It's very eclectic - John Legend to George Michael; Evanescence to Prince; Journey to 30 Seconds to Mars. I am all across the board.

TV show?: Anthony Bourdain (No Reservations) *I have a massive twisted crush on Anthony; Clean House (makes me laugh.. How do I do all that I do?? ewww.. you know it is not by; What Not To Wear (Clinton and Stacy are my fantasy BFFs); Survivor & So you think you can dance. PS - I LOOOVE King of Queens.

Movie?: Hopeless romantic - Under the Tuscan Sun, French Kiss, Only You..

TV channel?: Bravo, TLC, WE, VH1, A&E

Radio station?: NPR

Place to be?: In my PJS or Swim Suit - translation: someplace chill.

Thing to do?: I am an avid reader. I take waaay too many photographs. I blog daily, sometimes twice a day.

Food?: Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Mexican

Non alcoholic drink?: Coffeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Alcoholic drink?: (I don't drink anymore) - But when I did - my favorites were Mojitos, Margaritas, and Martinis

Animal?: Mon Chi Chi (look it up)

Holiday?: Halloween and Christmas. I just get a kick out of decorating!

Season?: Fall. I go back and forth between fall and spring. I think in Alabama - I prefer fall. In Georgia, I prefer spring.

Sport?: Swimming, Tennis.. and that.. is ... about.. it. I do like to watch Ice Hockey.

Place to shop?: World Market, Ross (seriously AWESOME deals), Target. I would love to tell you I shop at Neiman Marcus, Saks and places as such. But my wallet will not allow me to indulge that fantasy.

Clothing brand?: Not particular. But my favorite pair of jeans were by LEI

Scent?: Chanel (Mademoiselle and Chance), Alfred Sung, Black Amethyst (B&B works)

Restaurant?: Iguana Grill in Bham; Ali Baba in Savannah, Nuway in Macon. ;-) Pollys La Mesa - anytime!

Fruit?: Watermelon

Vegetable?: egg plant

Fast food restaurant?: Zaxbys

Pizza topping?: Extra cheese

Ice cream flavor?: Chocolate

Magazine?: Psychology Today

City?: Alexandria, Egypt or Washington, DC

Color?: Red or Turquoise Blue

Number?: 5

This or that...

Chocolate or vanilla?: Depends on what it is!

Pepsi or coke?: I went back to Coke after a 10 year love affair with Pepsi.

Hot or cold?: Cool

Black or white?: Black

Dog or cat?: Don't make me pick.. they are two different species. However, I have loved one of each - Maximus the cat and Nanook the dog.

French toast or pancakes?: French Toast. And I make a MEAN french toast.

French fries or onion rings?: Onion rings

Hamburger or hot dog?: Hot dog

Pepperoni or sausage?: pepperoni

Britney or Christina?: Christina

McDonalds or Burger King?: Mickey Ds

50 Cent or Eminem?: Eminem

Canada or Mexico?: Mexico

Hug or kiss?: Kiss - anytime.. all the time

Movies or TV?: Movies

Truth or dare?: Truth

Do you...

Shower daily?: I either take a shower or take a hot bath. I wash my hair every other day. TMI???

Sing in the shower?: Not usually. I can count on one hand how many times I have.

Like to sing?: Only in the car.

Like to dance?: Most certainly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Smoke?: No. Disgusting, filthy habit.

Drink?: Not any more. October of 09 was my last drink. I drank a margarita out of a plastic cup in the Gulf of Mexico in Destin, Florida. No more alcohol.. no more pretty gulf. Damn. I blame both on BP. BP oil to ruin my gulf and BP blood pressure for not allowing me to mix meds with hard stuff.

Cuss?: Oh yes.. not as bad as I used to. It is hard to NOT do that here.

Talk to yourself?: All the time. So much so.. I am afraid I might begin to scare people away. ;-)

Believe in yourself?: Yeah.. but whether or not other people do....

Play an instrument?: Negative

Go to school?: I left "school" in 1991

Go to college?: I finished that portion of my life in 1997

Have a job?: Most certainly.

Like your job?: Most days!

Want to get married?: Never again. ;-)

Want to have kids?: Nope.

Get along with your parents?: Yeah.. for the most part.

Get along with your siblings?: More so than often.

Drive?: Too often. I have a cute little VW bug.


Do you think you're trustworthy?: Not for keeping secrets. Absolutely not. Don't tell me anything.

Think your funny?: Not so much funny, as I am sarcastic. So - if that is your humor, then yes - I am hilarious.

Ever toilet papered someones house?: I don't think so.. it's all a blur now.

Gone garbage can tipping?: Nooo

What are your parents names?: Mae & Jack

Siblings names?: Heather. In laws- Tamer & Samer & Reem

Do you wash your hands frequently?: YES! So much so - my hands can get a little cracked.

How many time a day do you brush your teeth?: About 4

Collect anything?: Peacocks, Frog Princes, "cows on parade" , anything middle eastern, people

Ever been in love?: Si!

In love right now?: YESSSSSSSSSS

What color pants are you wearing right now?: Blue Jeans

How does your hair look?: It is pulled up into a bun and I have a thin gold head band on.

Ever had your heartbroken?: YESS

Ever broken the law?: I ran a stop sign once.

Been arrested?: Sort of. Got pulled over for a DUI - I actually talked my way out of it. ;-) Don't ask.

Been out of the country?: Yes! Been to Amsterdam and Egypt

Can you stick your fist in your mouth?: Hell to the no.

When was the last time you got drunk?: Really Really Drunk - Feb 16 07

Do you do drugs?: Just the prescription kind. That are actually prescribed to me.. geez..

When was the last time you were high on anything?: Lortab - about a month ago. Ankle issue.

Do you prefer the lights on or off?: For sleeping Off.

Would you ever get plastic surgery?: I don't think so.

Do you prefer boxers or briefs?: Boxer briefs.

Do you like to laugh?: It's one of my favorite things

Ever had a bloody nose?: SOOOOOOOOOOOO many times

Have you ever caught a fish?: Yep. A Cat fish - in my little lake outside my home. I caught it using a cane pole. I was 12. I did not know what to do with it - So I dragged it up to my house.. I had about 4 cats chasing me. LOL

What was the last thing you ate?: Diet Coke, Zaxby's chicken fingers and onion rings. SOOOOOOOOO bad.

What time do you go to bed?: Typically between 10 - 12.

What's your favorite color?: Blue (to look at.) But red is HOT!

Do you like to give or receive?: Give

Are you obsessed with anything/anyone?: I am obsessed with peace. Change. Hope. Awareness. Health.

Do you live alone?: No - I have an egyptian.

Do you own a blender?: Yes, and a Bullet and a Food Processor and a snow cone machine. Bam!

Do you like the snow?: To look at, yes. Live in? No. Hello? I am a southerner.

Ever been up a mountain?: I live in the mountains. Did you know Bham was mountainous? Foot hills of the Appalachian Mountains..

Ever been rootin'?: Say what?

Do you like surprises?: Yes.


Mama Hen said...

Monchichi Monchichi, oh so soft and cuddly! Right? Boy that goes back. I am just checking in on you. This is a great post! I used to live in Mexico. I ahve such great friends there! Have a great night!

Mama Hen

Nicole said...

Ding! Ding! Ding! You got it right. As for me - I am being optimistic today!? How does that sound?

Wendy said...

Loved your answers. I have a huge crush on Anthony Bourdain, too. The fist in the mouth question "hell to the no" ROFL - ever wonder where they get those few weird questions from? lol.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting.
We are the same age. I think? If not now then soon.
Also Fall is my favorite season too.

Nicole said...

Anthony is simply coooooool. Ahhh.. one day, I hope to eat some random meal in some hole in the wall - then look to the left and see him there. ;-)


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