Thursday, April 14, 2011

REWIND - How Did I Get Here?

REWIND - Time to look back at one of my old posts! This next one is actually one of the first posts I ever wrote on Destination: Unknown. I think I had 2 followers at the time (my family.) LOL I thought I would share it. It's a little messy.. but I want to copy it in it's exact form!


Now why in the world would I even think about describing my journey - is beyond me. But I woke up this morning feeling the need to tell my story. Not just a quick - what's happening, but a basic background on who I am - how I got here - and what is in store for me in the future.

For those of you who don't know, I was born in Georgia. Most of my life I thought of only one thing - leaving Georgia. Now, for whatever reason, I can only think of how can I get BACK to Georgia. lol Funny how things turn out.

I was born in a large town called Macon. Note I said large town, not city. It is a decent sized town. Over 100,000 - not too big, not too small. My parents got married in the early 70s - and I was born shortly there after. My mom is from Macon and my dad is from a tiny southern Indiana town called Monroe City.

We grew up middle class in the early years. Starting off - mom stayed home with me. My dad worked for a dairy company running a milk route. Both went to college, but life struck them with some blows. My dad ended up with a young wife and new born baby - and probably had to do what he could to make ends meet. He has a degree in sociology but was interested in engineering. My mom had a degree in interior design and was very interested in art.

I think our first home was a small apartment. From the pics - we looked like a happy little family unit. I really don't remember. I think later, they rented a home in south Macon. The only thing I remembered about this place was my dog - Stoney. Stonewall Jackson the Third. He was an awesome dog. I do remember one other bizarre detail - there was a little old woman who lived next door to us that always seemed to have candy. I don't know why I remember this - but I always liked to ride my little tricycle to her home (which in my mind looks like a metal storage shelter.. hmmm) and get candy.

I think the next place we ended up was a house out on Lake Tobo. My parents bought a beautiful home on Pineworth Road and we had 7 acres. I loved this house. I think they were on a financial upswing at this point. There were hardwood floors, huge stone fireplaces, french doors, a barn - beautiful piece of land. The neighborhood was amazing.. and I can imagine they must have felt like things were moving along nicely.

Then one day a little bundle of joy comes along. I was 4 - and my sister Heather came into this world. I would have to wait a few more years until I had my playmate.

Now you have to imagine - we live in the country. No other kids around. All I had were my dogs to play with - Stoney & Rebel. I remember riding my tricycle, playing with my dolls, swinging on a tire swing.. all types of random things.

I think I eventually went to pre-school - Kindercare on Log Cabin Rd. If I remember right - my best friends were Shannon and Cory. Shannon was kind of a brat - and the daughter of the school director. A few major memories stand out from those years -
1. The tornado that ripped through and we had to sit in a small room with an entire school
2. The kids eating crayons. My first lesson in ratting out the group. The teacher grabbed me (and it proves I really cannot tell a lie) and asked what was happening, I told them - and for lunch - each child was given one of those round crayons to eat - and I had to eat my real food in front of everyone. haahhaahahahhaaaa. I remember not being very hungry.
3. Having to go sit in the cubby hole for talking.
4. Watching Happy Days while waiting for my mom to pick me up from school.
5. My dad got a bad perm in the mid 70s - and he picked me up from school. I did not want to go with him, because I did not recognize him. LOL
6. I saw the movie Peter Pan, and wanted to pretend to be Wendy - so I proceeded to "walk the plank" on our front porch. (The plank was a lawn chair) and I fell into the bushes. Turns out - I broke my left wrist. That hurt!
7. My bedroom had pink walls and a mickey mouse blanket. There was a huge KISS poster over my bed. I was 4.
8. I saw the movie Grease - and would dress in my mom's 1970's clothes and pretend to sing all of the songs.
9. I had a record player (the small suitcase kind) and it had three lights on the front - disco style. I would play three records all the time: The Wiz, Grease, and Southern Folk songs. hahahaha.
10. My mom was talking Lebanese Belly Dancing classes - and would practice in the living room - I used to try to twirl with her shawl.

These are just a few of the random thoughts I remember from those early, early years. Later - I will write about elementary school years. LOL - if you went to school with me - you are totally NOT safe. hahaaha.

Until then..

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Hi there

My name is Sandz, gotta say I love your Blog, Its title ovbviously caught my eye.

I look forward to reading a lot more interesting stuff on your blog, and will definitely read the old posts.


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