Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bad Blog Friend

Lately, I have been a bad blog friend to the blogging community. I know many of you read my blog on my FB fan page are not bloggers, so I do not have to apologize to you guys. But there is another community - about 221 of them - that follow me - that do blog.

Yep. I have not had any time to read and comment on their posts. I feel really bad about that. I do make a point to scroll to about 3 of them that I never miss. However, I have not been leaving comments.. and that's a bad blog friend.

The blogging community is a fascinating network of some really amazing people. I have "met" some of the nicest, most insightful writers. I have even received a birthday gift from one, and hope to meet up soon in person. One that hails all of the way from New Hampshire (and now lives in NYC) was driving cross country and made a point to meet me for lunch in Birmingham. Again - all amazing people.

For those of you that do not blog - I highly recommend it. Even if it is just a place to show pictures, or collect quotes, or share poems.. whatever - give it a whirl. I also think networking is really important. As much as we say we write for ourselves (I believe that is 80% true,) I know for a fact that I would not enjoy it as much if I did not have friends to comment on posts that touched them in some way.

You just never know - perhaps something you are going through could affect someone else. Perhaps your triumphs and falls give someone else inspiration to dust themselves off and try again.

Not to mention what I have learned about other people. I followed a teenager that sailed across the world, and documented the entire process. I remember when she was lost at sea - and I how scared I felt for her. I followed a woman battled cancer - I read every post about all of her treatments, until a few weeks past and I heard nothing. Finally, her husband left a final post describing her final moments. I follow a few people going through depression, living with bi polar, one who left her husband in the middle of the night due to abuse... (Unfortunately she has not updated since that last post about her leaving that night.) I follow some really cool SAHMs that are all brilliant, and funny and still keep busy raising an amazing family. I laugh when they laugh. I get a little tear in my eye when they are sad. It's like reality tv - but in the written word.

With that being said, my real life has gotten in the way of my blogging time. Many times I pound out a post in the early am before work - I am in bed so early these days. This is my formal apology to my sweet followers who comment.

Have a great week!


Dawn said...

I too am a bad blog friend :( I don't follow along like I should. However your blog is one that I tend to read more than others.

I am going to try to make it a point to do better!

Anonymous said...

But, Nicole, I have no doubts that you are a great friend! I'm certain that if I called crying, needing someone to listen, you would be there. And that counts way more than leaving a comment.

Bossy Betty said...

You make some great points about the value of blogging. Hope all is well with you!

Anonymous said...

Excellent post! There is great value that comes out of blogging, which I have indeed blogged about. Hoping things will calm down for you so that you can enjoy the participation side of it again soon. Hugs...

Leanne said...

Never worry, my dear. Reading you is one of the highlights of my day, and I know that you are near in spirit, if not in word. This is such a great community of understanding in this blog land, and we'll be here through it all. Live life, my dear, write about it when you can, and we will continue to unite and share in the triumphs and the falls. Sending you peace.

Dizzy C said...

Am always glad to see a post from you, but know that real life is busy, busy for all of us.

Blogging is a great way to keep up with folks across the world and we will still be following even when posts are a little thinner. :)

I would not be able to correspond with you if we didn't have the blog/facebook medium due to the time difference.


TV's Take said...

What a nice post about all that's great about blogging. Glad your okay.

mirela.burst said...

Great points! I always love reading your posts. They are all unique in their own way and just enjoy them :)

Yenta Mary said...

Have no fear! Good friends come and go a bit in each other's lives, but are just happy to get back together when it's convenient and catch up on each other's lives ... :)

Anonymous said...

We all have our lapses in being good blog friends. It's okay.

Mrs. Indecisive said...

I've been in a blogging slump as well, even worse, I haven't been commenting.

That's so sad about the cancer patient :( and even more sad about the disappearing abused woman. I hope she updates soon...let me know???


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