Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Evanescence - Energize

Musical Artist #3 of all time fave and have every single CD is Evanescence. I absolutely LOVE the lyrics of the songs and the music is very intense. If you have not taken a moment to actually listen to the lyrics, you should.. you will be a huge fan!

I also love Amy's style and voice. She has such a strong voice, and of couse I think she is absolutely gorgeous! (A fellow dark haired, fair skinned and blue eyed dame!)

Enjoy the following songs.. again... I know it may be a little louder than some like, but listen to the words.. :-) I often joke that during the hard times (with my signifigant other) - these are the cds I turn to!

#1 - Call Me When You're Sober

#2 - My Immortal

#3 - Going Under

#4 - Bring Me to Life

#5 - Sweet Sacrifice

#6 - Everybody's Fool

#7 - Lithium

#8 - Good Enough

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