Friday, April 15, 2011


It's time for Zumba! Literally!
I have pre-written this, but it is going to post while I am in my Zumba class!

I always talk about how much fun it is, and I HIGHLY recommend it. I was thrilled to be able to find a video on YOUTUBE that features my actual instructors, Cristina and Ashita. (Cristina and I are actually friends now.. and I have to say - she is truly an amazing dancer!)

I really would love for one of you - someone who is not active at all - to give one of these classes a try, no matter where you live. I attend the Y in Shelby County (Pelham Branch) south of Birmingham. The first video shows the very room I take classes in.

Here is one of the special Zumba events that were offered!

They also offer Zumba for kids! (Again.. my friend/instructor Cristina!)

This is great - another video I found with our sweet friend Ivan. (He did a great fundraiser for the American Heart Association - Party Hearty!) Anyway.. here is a great video!

Okay - enjoy the others and you will see why I am addicted! :-) All of the dances are pretty much the same with the same songs across the world! So we are all learning the same stuff!

This is great - Zumba even made professional videos that are hilarious:

Have you ever tried Zumba? Are you WILLING to try?? Let me know!


mirela.burst said...

You KNOW I am going to be one of your first people to comment :) I LOVE Zumba. I switch back and forth with the one over at riverchase and the one at hoover rec. So happy you love it!

By the way, waka waka is one of my favorites, along with "say na say na" and the bollywood one!

mirela.burst said...

Oh, one more thing: Christina is one of my instructors over at riverchase on Tuesday nights!!! She is awesome!

Mrs. Indecisive said...

I did it once and felt like a gangly ugly duckling, all bones and ligaments. haha but it's good you found something that works!

Jacki said...

I love my Zumba class and my instructor! A couple years ago, Zumba is what totally changed my approach to fitness and actually taking care of my body. Unfortunately I've tweaked my knee and can't do any moves that involve turning or twisting for a while. :( After my half-marathon I'm going to try again when running isn't Priority One! :)


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