Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Oh how I wish I could get back that childish enthusiasm.

After a really long day at work, I had just enough time to get home, change clothes, head back out to pick up the egyptian, to then run straight to the movies. Luckily, the egyptian took pity on me and skipped "True Grit" and went for "Unknown" instead. Not sure if you guys know, it is rare for me to have a say in what movie we see. You thought I had a strong personality? Oh you have no idea - he trumps me!

Back to the enthusiasm..
When we finally got back to the house, I immediately ran into my bedroom and changed into my super soft pajama bottoms and my favorite Tshirt that has a few tiny holes in it. Finally I grabbed a soft pair of white socks.. what is different this time, I actually took my time putting them on. Apparently my toes got a little icy in the movie theater, and I felt how soft and warm the fabric felt on my feet. It sort of brought me back to my childhood.

As a little girl, I noticed everything. The way things smelled, felt, looked.. everything. I could see things so clearly. I have often been teased over the fact that I remember everything. It's true! I have an amazing memory - and I think it is because I used to notice every little detail.

But somehow, it's gone.

The older we get, the more de-sensitized we get to our surroundings. Noticing all of the little details was part of the joy of hosting foreign exchange students. (If you are new - I have hosted 14 different students over the years.) When a new student would arrive, I saw my home town differently. I noticed details in my home differently. I was more aware.

When my husband first arrived from Egypt - it was the same thing. He marveled at the cars, how clean he thought America was, and he was just delighted to see all of the different styles and colors and smells. He noticed things I never did. Imagine stepping outside on a summer night in the south for the first time. Don't know what I am talking about? You are probably desensitized to it by now. It is actually quite loud. Still confused? Imagine a night with the blaring sounds of the cicadas, the frogs, and any other nighttime critter outside. I had stopped noticing - he did not.

Or imagine the first time you see fireflies (or lightening bugs as we like to say down here.) How about pollen on the ground? My Colombian exchange student came running up the walkway to our home screaming and crying. I asked, "What's wrong." She replied in tears, "The worms.. The worms are everywhere." She thought the pollen were worms.

Again - attention to the unknown, the unfamiliar.

Maybe I have seen so many things, that the enthusiasm is slowly deteriorating.

I want to take a moment (like I did in the picture above..) and notice the details. I think it would cause me to just slow the "f" down for a bit.

How about you? How do you take time to appreciate your surroundings?


Miel Abeille said...

Nope, I'm learning that I filter out a lot of my surroundings and get surprised by the details other people see.

Yenta Mary said...

We do, indeed, get desensitized; we become jaded, we take things for granted. Spring has just arrived here in Michigan, though -- and those of us who slogged through the snowiest Winter in years are taking inordinate pleasure in little bursts of green (so much more vibrant when they first come back!) and hints of purple and yellow and white. On our walk last night, Tom and I saw red tulips -- oh, they practically shone! We need to take note of these simple things, colors and comforts, and not miss their beauty ....


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