Friday, April 15, 2011

Amr Diab - Egyptian Lover

LOL - I had to put Egyptian Lover.. well.. because he is egyptian. I was introduced to the musical sensation by my husband. Actually he introduced me to him waaay before the two of us even thought about each other romantically. (Back in 2006.)

Amr Diab is the Ricky Martin of the Middle East.. and is music really is catchy. Once I was given the translation to the songs - I was blown away by the beauty of the lyrics.

So.. here are a few of my absolute favorites. When I can, I will post the videos with the english translation. :-)

1. Ana ayesh

2. We Malo

3. Amarain

4. Enta El Ghaly

5. Ne2ol Eih (The # is a letter that is a sound that the english language does not have.. it's how they type it out phonetically in arabic!)

Well - I hope you enjoyed getting aquainted with a little egyptian music! :-)

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