Monday, April 11, 2011

The Reality

Time is an evil little wench, isn't it? Here we are - in the throws of Spring, and I look back and think - wait - where did Winter go?

At work I am busy gathering all of my media clips together for the 3rd quarter report. One more quarter to go- miracles need to happen... where did the year go?

In two weeks I will be heading home to celebrate both my niece's 5th birthday as well as Easter. I wish I had more time to spend with them, except I have so many responsibilities back here in Birmingham. Again.. time.

The picture above is me, probably the same age as my niece, Autumn, is now. Many moons ago, I was enjoying coloring my Easter Eggs.. where in the world did the time go? Here I am 38 - far from Easter Eggs.. but I find myself in the middle of the 2nd quarter of my life. Tic Toc.. Tic Toc..

Aside from my constant obsession with not having enough time, I wanted to catch you guys back up on the events of the weekend. As always, I need a little time to process the events. First of all, my friend/Co-worker, Laura, had an absolutely adorable baby shower. The only problem I ran into was.. well.. the land mine. Not familiar? Oh.. imagine week two on Weight Watchers.. there were bombs everywhere. LOL It was my first test. But I think I did okay. There were Gouda Grits (luckily I don't like grits - so I walked away.) I did grab 1 mini quiche, 1 sausage ball, and a spoonful of the fruit. BUT - one of the hostesses shoved a slice of cake in my hand. I could not say no.. and of course, I had no control to just have a few bites. I finished the whole the slice. Using up 11 points of my day right there. *sigh* It was really quite funny.

Now to catch you up on the Maronite Church. I attended St. Elias in Birmingham. Fascinating and Interesting. I got there a little early so that I could get comfortable. Well.. They were praying the rosary. I have to admit, it was very reassuring, something familiar. Then Mass started and the confusion began for me. There are definitely differences, but subtle. Once I let that go and relaxed, I got into it. The vibe was really good. People smiled, the Chorbishop was really nice.. and yes - I was one of the few non-middle easterners in there. But it was nice to see Arab Christians. They say several prayers in (it's either Arabic or Aramaic... I will need the egyptian to confirm for me.) Needless to say - I was lost. BUT - I am a very quick learner, and if I choose to continue worshipping there, it will be just a matter of time before I have everything figured out.

However, next week - I am heading to the Melkite Rite Church. I know for a fact that Arabic is the official language of the church.. but I also know it will be similar to the Maronite, and parts will be in various languages.

I am determined to figure this out.

One more little "catch up" moment - Tornado season. Geez... We are IN IT.

What's going on with all of you? :-)


Miel Abeille said...

Sounds like you had an amazing weekend, as usual. You fill your time with such enriching activities -- it inspires me!

TV's Take said...

Who can say no to cake? I don't blame you. Glad you are continuing your exploration of churches. Also I get your comment on my site about non profit glory seekers - having working in non profit myself 'those' kind are wacked.

High Heeled Life said...

Wow you are one busy gal! It is fascinating to explore other churches ... to learn new things. Happy week!! HHL


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