Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hang on TOTO!

Talk about a powerful storm! I woke up this morning around 5am, the strangest flickering zaps of lightening were making the sky look like spot lights were flashing across the sky.

The electricity went out. The heat began to rise in the house, and all I could think about is - "What if all of my groceries spoil." LOL Instead of saving money for eating out, you guys know I have budgeted for healthy foods and I am eating in. Fresh means - not in the pantry, so I got a little nervous. Luckily, three hours later, the power came back on. We were one of the lucky ones. Unfortunately 1/2 of the city is without power. Hwy 280 (which is a very busy road) - all of the lights are out, so you can imagine the gridlock. The city of Moody (which is about 15 minutes east of Birmingham) was wiped out early this morning. Homes flattened.

The problem is - this is just the beginning. Apparently, we will see some of the hardest tornadoes and storms tonight. The worst we have seen in quite sometime. I typically don't get nervous, since I grew up with tornadoes and hurricane after-effects, etc. We are close enough to the Gulf that we get that weather..

BUT - this one.. sounds a little scary.

I happened to be working at the TV station last night promoting "optimal heart health" with a two hour phone bank in the 5 & 6pm newscast. While there, I had the chance to chat with a few folks about the upcoming weather, and I've gotta tell you.. when the meteorologist raise their eyebrows and say - "It's going to be a bad one." They aren't kidding.

One of my friends in town, Kalee, is a meteorologist at CBS42. She was complaining the other day about how every time the National Weather Service sends out an alert, they have to run a crawl across the screen warning people. However, sometimes the NWS gets their tips from 'weather watchers', and yes there are have instances where the "weather watchers" got it wrong. Sooo, many times, she feels like they are crying wolf. I got up this morning and caught her personal FB page notices, and yep - this is the real thing.

As I write this - the sky is starting to get darker, the wind is kicking up. I live on the third floor of an apartment - and luckily I have a great big closet to hide in, if necessary.

Unfortunately, the egyptian chose to go to work today, and I assume he will end up staying there, to ride out the storm. I called and asked him to come home earlier, but no luck getting him on the phone.

I think what I will do is go ahead and cook dinner, make a pot of coffee, and pray we keep the electricity through the night.

Sending out safe thoughts to everyone batting down the hatches!


Anonymous said...

Y'all be safe my dear...

TV's Take said...

Crazy weather in the south lately. Hope you weathered the storm okay

Leanne said...

Thinking of you . . . praying for your safety. Drop a note when you can.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my! The weather in the South just isn't letting up!


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