Thursday, April 7, 2011

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I spend each morning listening to NPR on the way in to work. Every once in a while, I lower the volume to answer one of the egyptian's questions. You see, we car pool together in the morning. I drop him off at the Islamic Academy of Alabama (where he teaches special needs children English) and then I drive the remaining 4 miles to my office in Mountain Brook. (It's a suburb within Birmingham.)

Unless you are completely oblivious to all things political, most of you are aware of the possible Federal Government shut down. That's just one of the many stories we heard this morning. As I sat to write my morning blog post, I realized that most of my followers are from all over the world. What's going on locally?

I realized that we are not always concerned about the same types of things.

When I drove up to the office, I grabbed my morning newspaper and bottle of water, and sat down to scour the headlines. Then I thought - what a fun idea for a blog post - I will share Birmingham's Headlines. Heck, most of you guys live somewhere above the Mason Dixon line, and the rest across the ocean.

Without further ado, here is what's cooking and hot in Birmingham, Alabama:

1. Helena Moves to raise taxes for High School. (Yep, a little town south of Birmingham wants to build a new high school. This is an area LOTS of people are building houses in.)

2. Lawyers get $6.4M for jobs tax case. ( Typical worker to get $34 back.) Some lawyers challenged the Jefferson County Occupational tax and won!

3. Hoover Apartments offer chance at freedom for disabled, injured. (Nice little piece on handicap-friendly apartments.)

4. Bill demands fairness in child custody. (Equal parenting schedule sought in divorce cases.)

These are the headlines.

Now what about the other sections?

1. Lacey says he's made college choice. (I assume this is about some hot shot kid in high school.)

2. Mickelson is clear favorite (top-ranked Kaymer trying to make his first cut at Augusta.)

3. Making Strong Pitch (Pitching should be a strength for the Birmingham Baron's this year.)

4. Carver High track meet a big success.

5. Moseley, Trotter plan to stay friends (Auburn Football story??)


1. "We can Do Great Things" (Design review committee oks hotel, entertainment district near the BJCC.)

2. Regulation seen as business burden.  (Owners say process is costly. - trying to boost jobs)

3. Five Points Corner getting back in the grind. (More stores coming to the Bohemian district)

4. Superior Bancorp misses deadline (Cites internal issues in filing delay for SEC.)


1. Women's lung cancer death rates down (Slight decline welcomed, but other cancers on the rise)

2. Sex can be heartbreaker unless you do it more often, research says. (Yes, Heart Science news.)

3. Musical  Medicine (Professionals, students administer therapy to patients through music

That is it for Thursday's headlines. Sounds like a slow news day to me!

What are your headlines? You personal headlines?

For me?

Lead Story:

1. The Abdou's find peace in their home, through listening - versus demanding.


1. Nicole lost 2.2 pounds and feels great.

2. How to put your husband on a diet - without him even realizing it!


1. Zumba is good for the heart, and waistline.


1. Having two members of a household working, and carpooling makes for a better bank statement.

Share yours!


Dawn said...

:) For me

Lead Story:



1. About to embark on the journey of a lifetime through Gastric Bypass ** which you know already**

2. I have lost almost 15lbs on this liquid diet .. will know for sure on Monday!


1. Walk, Walk, Walk.


1. I miss making several cakes a week. I can't wait to get through recovery and get some orders coming in... I am broke! LOL

I hope you have an awesome weekend!!

Anonymous said...

You're headlines are awesome! Yay for weight loss. I wish I could say the same.

For me it's this:

Lead: Cassandra has two papers, one story, and a whole crapload of reading to do with weekend.

Health: Haven't felt right in months. Probably an ulcer or something awful.

Sports: Walk to school.

Business: Completely Broke!

TV's Take said...

I like your lead stories vs anything else on the news! Congrats on ALL your progress


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