Saturday, April 9, 2011

April Weekends

 I thought I would share a few of my favorite things from this weekend thus far. Yes - it's picture taking time - you can always tell when I get on a kick.

First I want to share with you a pic of the Bruschetta I made! It is a Weight Watchers recipe! It is Eggplant, Zucchini & Red Bell Pepper. (With fresh basil & Parm.) The egyptian and I ate it up very fast and it was loaded with nutrients and low points value!
Last night I made a low fat Slow-cooker Lasagna from the Weight Watchers Recipes. HUGE success!!

This is my new obsession. But it's working!!

This is Veda Jane's baby gift. My friend Laura had her shower today, and this is the finished product I took!

Sweet little card for her.

Veda Jane's First gift from me!

I told you I got a sewing machine.. right? Well - here it is. Never been used. Still waiting on my lesson from a very busy Laura!

My mom bought this coaster for me. It suits me. I keep it on my desk here at home.

I bought a sassy purse about a month ago and forgot to share it with you!

Latest book I am reading. Came highly recommended. It's interesting.. that's for sure.

BAD pic of me.. but I bought the best thing in the world for $4 at Books a Million. It relaxes you and "scratches" your head.

Here it is! It's freaking awesome!

Last night.. just so I could finish a movie I was watching. (Before & After with Liam Neeson. Was good.)

Left overs!

This morning..

The centerpiece for Laura's Shower. Her nursury colors are cream, peach and tan/made with burlap.

Served at this shower: Punch, Water, Sausage Balls, Grits with Gouda, Quiche, Cake, Fruit, Sweet rolls

Gifts galore for Veda Jane!

Laura with her friends. Isn't she so adorable preggie?

Not a detail missed - Veda Jane on burlap!

Do I even need to tell you who this is? Yep, it's her beautiful mom.

Everyone was very creative in wrapping!

This was the sweetest gift. The trunk is from her mom. Laura called it the "Treasure Trunk." In it was all of her childhood items. Here she is sharing the story behind her baby bracelet.

Her nikes!

This little outfit got lots of oooh and ahhhs.

I totally fell in love with this blanket!

Was a great Baby Shower for a Great Person!


Coffee. Cupcakes. Cards. Oh My! said...

Hi Nicole, just popping in from Lady Bloggers Society Tea Party. Thank you also for visiting my blog!

You have taken the most gorgeous photos - and your friend looks absolutely stunning pregnant. (Some girls get all the luck, eh!) I love the attention to detail you have all paid in her decorations and gift. She is lucky to have such wonderful friends.

Enjoy the tea party, and do pop back soon.

Natalie x

Anne said...

Such fun pictures - and you're absolutly beautiful! Oh and THANKS for the encouraging words on my blog, I needed that today. Following yours too - love it!

Anonymous said...

Your friend is so cute pregnant!
I also love lasagna - Olive Garden? Yes.
The head scratcher? My cousin has one and it's awesome.
The Shack -> it's different, but I loved it. One of my favorite books.
Love the coaster. It looks like something my cousin should own. :)
And that purse is adorable. I LOVE zebra prints!
Your sewing machine looks so quaint and cute. I wish I could sew...

Leslie Limon said...

Looks like your weekend is off to a great start!

I need to get me one of those head scratcher/massage thingamajigs. And some lasagna! :)

And I think you look great with or without makeup on.

Hope the rest of your weekend is just as wonderful. :)

Dizzy C said...

I love your photo day diaries.

Beautiful gift for your friend's baby and wrapped so wonderfully.

The cake looked fab. Too good to cut.

You all looked so fab!

I do love that handbag (purse).

carol :)

Laura said...

A few comments: 1) What a great baby shower! 2) LOVE LOVE LOVE the purse. 3) I've got to try those two weight watchers recipes. I do find really great recipes on their website.

Augmented Gem said...

Looks like your having a great weekend! Great food, great friends. Plus a sewing machine and a headscratcher? Lol You are all set! Fab pictures too... I aways forget to take pics.


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