Friday, April 15, 2011

Shopping and Cooking and Tornados

I suppose I should stop complaining about being bored. Today was anything, but!

For one, there was a computer glitch with my media report. (EEk.) Second, I had a fabulous "venting" lunch with a friend at one of my favorite little lunch spots, and finally - I stopped by Walmart (of all places) to get my niece a birthday gift. (I was on my way home from work,) and unfortunately a massive tornado warning hit and I was ushered to the center of the store to "stay put" and ride out the storm. I kept praying that I would not die there. I asked my friends (via FB status update) to move my body to Saks if I died there.


However - it's the weekend (officially,) and what do I do on the weekends? I take pics of everything.

I will show you my new goodies and recipes I have tried!

Just the other night, I made another Weight Watchers meal - First I sauteed a few onions in olive oil 
Took some whole wheat pizza dough - added herbs and parm

Here is the recipe.. don't you love how messy I got the book?

Added reduced fat feta and onions - bakes and ta-da! 3 points per square

Soooo... I finally bought my little flip waffle maker. I am soooooooooooooooooooo happy!

Oh yeah baby! Found these hidden at Ross. I was like.. how could I not?

Two for one bday gift bags for the niece!

I picked out an 80's inspired outfit for her. I am totally digging her sequin head bands

The egyptian picked out a beautiful little dress for her.

Tonight  - my super LOW fat meal. (Seriously - the whole thing is 2 points for one.)

I picked out a new bubble bath

My new socks!

Another gift for Autumn! :-)


Desi said...

That look super yummie!!!!!!!!! I love the wonder woman glasses! :D And good luck on the weight watchers!

Classic NYer said...

Aren't cookbooks supposed to be messy?

Heather said...

Love the presents! Autumn had a dress just like the pink one when she was two- except it was yellow (very pretty!!!)

Leanne said...

OMG - you crack me up . . . move my body to saks??? SOOOO FUNNY! I remember being in Target once when a tornado warning was taking place, and they moved us to the back of the store . . . in the same aisle with the garden tools (pointy shovels, hoes, pitch forks, all those lovely sharp metal objects.) I remember think the tornado wouldn't kill me - but the garden tools would. Ah, you've brought back some lovely memories here! ;)

Love the shopping goodies, and the WW meal - you are my hero!!!

Anonymous said...

Mmm. That food looks delicioso!


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