Saturday, April 16, 2011

Joan Jett

Did I mention that I am  A HUGE FAN of Joan Jett. Seriously - massive fan since the 80s.. though I know she has been doing her thing since the early 70s (when she was only 15!)

I almost got the chance to see her in concert in Destin recently - but due to random things.. it did not work out.

Have you guys seen the movie the Runaways? Was amazing.. you will gain a little appreciation into the fact that she is still performing!

Okay.. enough of me babbling.. here is Joan Jett!

#1 - Crimson & Clover

#2 - I Hate Myself for Loving You

#3 - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

#4 - Bad Reputation (a little 80's punk for you!)

#5 - Cherry Bomb

#6 - I Love Rock n Roll

Finally.. a little interview with probably the singlest chick in the world! LOL


Anonymous said...

Stopping in from the LBS Tea Party. Love, love, love Joan Jett! Enjoyed visiting your blog!

Cinnamon said...

While I was in the Air Force, and stationed overseas at Okinawa, I did get to see Joan preform for a USO tour she was part of. I was in the very front (literally 20 feet from her). It was an amazing concert, even though some dumbass was trying to ruin it for me by doing that stupid "falling allover everyone" thing. I had to move a couple of times, just to keep from punching him out. Anyway, after the concert, we saw Joan and her entourage downtown at a local Japanese bar and got to sit pretty close. So, I "claim" I partied with her. (cause I was in the same bar...LOL)


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