Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Things I Just Don't Understand

Not a day passes without something just causing me to take a moment and ask, "Huh?" You know the things.. right? Those things that you just don't get.

Not that they are wrong, or improper, or anything that is negative. It's just stuff I don't completely catch on to, or understand the over all purpose or attraction.

I thought I would list a few that make me wonder....

1. People who are proud of being a red neck. I realize that unless you have spent any time down in the south, this first one may make absolutely no sense to you. But yes, there are people who are proud, no wait.. let me rephrase are Damn Proud of being a redneck. It is something I just don't understand. Country - fine. Redneck... uh... to me it screams "I am from the country, I am uneducated, I prefer to be loud and ignorant and have absolutely no taste." Now, if you are just country, or southern - no big deal. That does not mean you are ignorant or uneducated. It's that whole redneck thing.. I just don't understand.

2. Why people say "Lord" over and over in a prayer. Now.. I will tread careful here. What I mean is - the prayer that goes a little something like this, "Lord.... we gather here to you... and Lord.. we need.. Lord... " They will start with Lord and end the same sentence with Lord. Is it just me.. or .. well.. I think he gets it. It's like people who say my name more than a few times when talking to me. It's a selling technique and it creeps me out.

3. People who physically move their body to get you to make eye contact. Let's see if I can explain this one. If I am talking to you, and I happen to glance behind you - don't physically move your body to keep my eyes on you. That's creepy and a little aggressive.

4. Vera Bradley. I just don't even want to go there. Or Walmart. Or Step Aerobics. Or those pea necklaces from Tiffany's. I could go on and on and on...

5. Fake nails. I just don't get them. They look fake. They cheapen your look (regardless of what you paid for them..) and.. well... oh.. I just don't get them.

6. Flip Flops with every outfit. Seriously, I do not understand why some people where flip flops with everything - from skirts to jeans to shorts. I see the flip flop as a great beach or pool accessory and that is about it.

7. Tank Tops when you have chubby arms. I know, I know... love your body. But love your body in something appropriate. Who in the world told you that it is OKAY to just wear something so revealing when you dress in plus sizes. Tank Tops are a no-no. If you do have one, you put something over it. You know?

8. Women who do not wear even a little make up. You people confuse me.

9. People who don't wash their faces before bed. If there is one thing that grosses me out more than anything is a woman who does not wash their make up or just their face off before bed. When I say wash - I mean Cleanse, Exfoliate and Moisturize.

10. Finally.. SO many conference calls. Man..

Okay.. that was my vent du jour.

What would you add to the list?


Matt said...

I've noticed the repetitiveness of the word "Lord" in prayers from a few people at my church. I've come to think that they're using "Lord" in place of "Um."

Laura said...

I agree with you on every one...except...back off the Vera! :) I still understand though...I hated them for YEARS! But then received my first as a gift about 3 years ago and went ahead and drank the coolaid...

Leanne said...

I love these . . . all of them. And I'm right there with # 7. To go hand in hand with that one, I don't think horizontal strips should be sold my lane bryant, as well as ponchos. Just not flattering on my fuller figure, at all. And I think I told someone else recently - I don't get the people who smoke while pumping gas in their cars. Seriously????

Anonymous said...

Sadly I have to say that I am offender of some of these. Like flip flops...
Truth be told, I am not a shoe person, at all, so flip flops are cheap AND simple - therefore I love them. I prefer no shoes at all, but that can get risky.

The Bipolar Diva said...

lovin' the list!

becca said...

i get fake nails because i'm a nail biter and without them i have no nails. as for makeup i do not know how to apply it so i rather go without then look like a clown. not sure about the others as i don't do any of those


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