Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What is your color?

After a brief conversation with a friend after work, I began to think of signature colors. You know - the one that people associate with you. Or maybe it is a pattern? For instance, my friend is a polka dot girl, plus she loves hot pink. Sooo.. we always know that is her thing.

I was trying to decide what my "thing" is. The problem is I change my mind every 6 or 7 years or so. There are a few things that I never waver on, and there are colors I mainly purchase.. but I could not pick out just one.

For instance, when I was 4, my favorite color was pink. Not hot pink, or peachy pink (as is my sister's favorite color,) but mine was the carnation pink. Yep. Pink. Apparently I was really into Lady Bugs also.

In Elementary school, I continued to view pink as my favorite color and the number 4 as my favorite number. I loved glitter. I loved satin. If it was sparkly or super soft, it was mine.

By the 5th grade, my favorite color changed to purple and lavender. I am not sure if it was the fact that Prince came out with Purple Rain or if truly was my favorite. I remember having these lavender dress pants that I loved to wear to school. As well as sporting my pen bracelet. It was a purple striped pen that was encased in plastic that you could wear as a bracelet. It wrote in purple and the ink smelled like grapes, how cool was that?

By middle school, I really like florescent green. The limiest of lime greens! Then by the time I hit high school, I was back into pink and now I added black. I collected anything with pink flamingos. (Sooo 80s.. maybe it was the movie Cocktail, just not sure.)

As time went on, I discovered that light blue was always pleasing to the eye. I was not aware of how wearing different colors could bring out your eyes or skin tone until after college. I was oblivious.

Later I would love black, and red, and jeweled tones. My bedroom is white/white/white.

My first wedding's colors were white and black with platinum accents. (That's when everything was silver.) My second wedding - I went for the rich jeweled tones.

Now, I would say I wear a lot of light blue, teal, purple, red and black. I love neutrals as well as bold colors. I tend to stay away from yellow.

What about you? What colors or shapes, etc define your personality?


Heather said...

Actually the peachy-pink is a rose thing only. I'd say my color is cobalt blue :)

Anonymous said...

Recently I have found myself drawn to Green. Loving it these days and I have always loved sunflowers. They remind me of the sun & happiness.


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