Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chemical in check!

I feel like I have been super quiet this weekend. You guys have seen posts (which were pre written days ago and scheduled to drop.) However, for me not to type out some nonsense, I feel a little lost. :-)

It's Palm Sunday! The very beginning of Holy Week. I must admit, I did not attend mass this morning. Not because I over slept, but because I simply chose not to. I know, I know..

However, I did get a LOT accomplished the past two days. Sort of turning my luck around, if you will. ;-) Saturday was nice. That's a good way to put it. It was nice.

I started out the day, dropping my husband off at work, then heading home for some homemade waffles. Yes, my dear friends, home made/fluffy fluff waffles. They were awesome! Let me add - they were fat free! I used sugar free syrup and ta-dah! I L-O-V-E my new waffle maker.

After waffle nirvana, I pulled myself together for Zumba. Had a freaking blast as always, and got an amazing work out. You know it is a good work out when the instructors are sweating like crazy too! To make matters worse (actually better) when the instructors take turns, the other instructor joins the group. Of course, my friend, Cristina/Instructor was right behind me, so I could not slack off! hahahaaa.

Hung out after Zumba for a little chatting, and then made it home. I totally enjoyed catching up with my ex-coworker/friend, Ashley. Ash moved to LA (not Louisiana.. that's Los Angeles) earlier this year and is enjoyed a wildly successful job as the PR Chick for a publishing company. How cool is that? After a nice little chat session, I did the most organized grocery shopping I have ever accomplished in my life. Okay..

Maybe it is just me, and at 38 - I get it. Pre-plan.

Sooo.. since my super organized manager has been polishing me to be more strategic, I took that to the next level and incorporated it into my grocery shopping. LOL

Since starting the Weight Watchers thing, I am tracking everything I eat. Which means, if I want to be successful, I really need to think ahead - strategically. Sooo.. I pre plan recipes for the week. Not necessarily when I will eat them, but I pick out about 6 new dishes for two weeks to try (as well as keep the old faithful turn-tos.) This also has given me the opportunity to actually use the cook books I get. I have tons, and used to rarely use them. NOW, I am using them! Anyway, I decide on the recipes, then I re-write the ones I like and place them in this big binder with all of the recipes I have tried and liked. I make a separate list of the various departments in the grocery store: Produce, Dairy, Frozen, Meat, Other. Then I go through each recipe and put the ingredient in the proper category. THEN I go to all of the coupon pages I hoard from the newspapers, and clip accordingly. By the ingredient with the coupon, I put a star next to it.. then off I go.

This week, I saved over $10. Not a whole lot, but I am proud to say that I bought quality stuff and for about the same amount I spent two weeks ago. I am averaging $150 every paycheck - which means - $300 a month on groceries. Not bad. I used to spend MUCH more and come out with crap, and nothing to eat. Now I am stocking up on organic, fresh, or low fat items. Planned (GOOD) recipes and.. well.. I feel really good about it!

After my crazy/organized shopping, I FINALLY washed the gray out. ;-)

Then ... lo and behold - the egyptian came home with my IPHONE! Yes, I am behind the times and have been strictly using my blackberry.. sooo.. I transitioned. I have spent the past two days learning how to use it, downloading a few songs from Itunes, grabbing a few apps.. and transferring my contacts. So far, so good.

I woke up this morning at 6am, well.. I went to bed at 10ish last night. I barely remember chatting with my friend Crystal, till I finally said, "I have to go.. my phone is laying on my face and my eyes are closing." (I was already in bed.)

This morning, I decided to start a pot roast in the crock pot. It's my famous recipe (check the recipe tab) made with espresso and balsamic vinegar. It is freaking awesome. Our Russian and Jamaican friends are coming over to tonight, so I have to pull it together. ;-)
While relaxing (and "self tanning".. lol) I watched the Informant. What a nut case. Have you seen it yet?

(And it's only 2pm.)

What's going on with you today? What does your week look like? I am trying to be more positive and feel like this weekend was a great start to a better attitude for the week. I think dieting was making me super depressed and evil. LOL I am still on the diet, but over the hump. I am forcing myself to make plans with people. I am forcing myself to stay busy. I am forcing myself to be strategic.

Hmmm.. what next? ;-)

** disclaimer - I don't spell check or go back and grammar/typo check. Someone brought this up recently. This is just an online journal.. and I (in the words of Laura) Brain Dump. It is very much "free form" writing.. just purging.



High Heeled Life said...

loved your post! I'm glad you are "forcing" yourself to do things, get out and have people over ... it is inspiring ... I NEED to start doing that on this end too!

I loved your disclaimer ... I've had people point out grammatical errors or spelling in the past... I agree its not a spelly bee... sometimes we just need to purge it out (our thoughts).. Enjoy your dinner ..xo HHL

Leanne said...

You dump, baby . . . dump it all you want. I find that I write as I speak, with lots of pauses . . . hence the ". . ." I think I use them often in my blog. But, ah, well.

Sounds like a great weekend - well thought out. The pre-planning is key (and the key reason why I have been out of the zone for the past week, as I pre-planned nothing.) Trying to get back on the wagon today, but instead of planning our meals this week, I'm reading blogs. Ah, well, again.

So good to read you . . . so good to feel peace in this post. Sending it back to you!

Miel Abeille said...

I'm stunned at your grocery bill! I'm lucky when I get away with $100 PER WEEK!

You were quite... even on FB!

Have a great Monday!

Peggy K said...

I feel like I need to do more planning in my life! Kudos to you for gittin' 'er done!!!

TV's Take said...

Sounds like a productive, peaceful weekend. Your potroast sounds amazing!


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