Wednesday, July 11, 2012

You'll Thank Me Later...

You are probably wondering what I am obsessing over THIS week. Yes, yes... it's always something. 

Without further delay, here is a short list of my latest "things?

Call me crazy, but I lost almost 3 pounds over night using this stuff. Yep, guess what my "healthy choice" on Thursday is about - Constipation/Stress/Weight Gain. My NEW BEST FRIEND.

I have watched every episode (including the reunions) of this foursome. I LOVE the Mob Wives. This is pretty much what I watched all weekend.

My new favorite afternoon treat is a glass of this tea (with one packet of Truvia.) It's a wonderful pick-me-up.

I am cooking egg whites each morning. This very brand. 

I've been opting for the Multi Grain and the 100% Whole Wheat. Helps make me feel full. This is the brand I buy.

When I am hungry and I need a little something creamy and delish - I grab a wedge. Only one point with WW.

You know i am CRAZY about bar soap. We sell this brand at the museum... and I could not be happier! You know, the historic use and recognition of Lavender as the most versatile therapeutic botanic essence dates to its use in ancient times by the Egyptians, Phoenicians and the people of Arabia as perfume. Lavender, first cultivated by the Arabians, is thought to have spread across Europe from the Greek Hyeres Islands. Nubian Heritage blens Lavender, traditionally used to treat all skin types due it its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, rejuvenating and deodorizing effects, with Wildflowers, for mild exfoiliation, in the rich-lathering organic Shea Butter soap.

Haven't change my mind about this shampoo. My hair is still silky smooth and it seems to be growing faster. :-)

We have compromised. I still get to have "bacon" but only as long as it NOT pork.. and for me, HAS to be organic.

My sister bought me this super-huge jar of pickles. They are zero points on WW and with a little splash of lime.. OMG.

I am soooo glad my husband loves watermelon. We keep fresh cut melon in the frig. 

This turns out to be the bomb diggity bomb. Bought a large bottle at Fred's for $4. IN. LOVE.

1 comment:

scrapwordsmom said...

I love all your must haves and I think I will go out and buy that colon stuff ASAP!!:)


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