Sunday, July 29, 2012

I don't typically order processed chicken.

I thought I would do a quick post on the whole chic-fil-a bit. I have gotten a few inbox messages from both good friends and random acquaintances.. so I thought I should explain myself.

I posted a thing on FB, only one story, about the whole boycott of Chic-fil-a. There was a wonderful piece written Conor Gaughan.. you can read it HERE. All I really said was that it was beautifully written and that I choose to no longer patron Chic-fil-A. The idea being.. I don't want to spend my money with a place that discriminates ANYONE.

By doing so, I am not discriminating against Christians, I still go to church and "tithe." What I don't support is a company that has openly supported "Christian" organizations that discriminate against homosexuals or openly bash. I am a Christian.. but I try REALLY, really hard to "love" everyone. I don't necessarily agree with everything.. but I do believe it is my job to treat people fair.

With that being said.. I have a confession to make.

I don't actually eat chicken from any fast food restaurant (anymore.) Nor have I in a really REALLY long time.

I won't even eat chicken in a regular restaurant, unless I know where the chicken is purchased.


Ask my mother - she made some chicken dish, and I asked  what brand of chicken it was, and she said, "Oh Nicole.. it's chicken. Just eat it."
I walked to the trash can and saw it was Tyson. I smiled and said, "No way."

Let me just take the whole chicken boycott one step further, shall I?

At the end of the day.. should we eat chicken from big business at all?


Dogmom Diva said...

Nicole, do you have a brand suggestion to buy chicken? The last chicken I picked up at the market had an off smell to it and had ton be trashed..we are disabled and retired and don't have the funds to just toss away that kind of food.

PS I dont always comment but I love reading your blog, have learned so much from you about being gracious..


Anonymous said...

I've stopped buying grocery store chicken also. I buy mine locally now, but still not too often. If you can't but local, do you have a whole foods or something similar? It costs more of course, which is why I eat it less often. Good luck!


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