Saturday, July 28, 2012

Things I Have Learned This Week

Here we go:

1. That I can feel like a million bucks one minute, and all it takes is one negative thought/word/deed and the mood can shake. However, I am EXTREMELY resilient. Less than 24 hours and I am 100%. Take that haters.

2. That a whale is 98 feet and 3 tons. (Yeah, I had to look it up.) I do not look like a whale on TV.

3. My weight loss staple and trick - turkey bacon and egg whites.

4. Blond eyebrows sort of freak me out.

5. By gones should be by gones.

6. There is a new dance, "The Shakira," and my friend Telisa and I are the queen at it.

7. No doubt, I'm going to miss my friend Lisa. She's moving. I learned that I can form new/old friendships and grow close to people in a very short time.

8. I am still under the philosophy - 'I'll believe it when I see it.'

9. My new life is shaping up to be FANTASTIC.

10. Some of my financial worries will soon subside.... getting a raise (by the end of the month.)

11. I have a new found sense of security, now that my insurance has kicked in.

12. I am totally working the Weight Watchers program. I actually have will power. Woot!

13. I'm okay.  I'm working on me. I am living my life. If someone else once to join that ride, they are more than welcomed. But you can't make those you love, love you back. (Even though they are technically/legally bound to do so. LOL)

14. I love when I discover new music. Yes, I just learned this week.. that I enjoy the discovery.

15. I need more dancing in my life.. Again. You know what that means - time to look for a dance class, in the town that made me fall in love with dancing in the first place. Dare I look for an adult ballet class? Dare I contact an old teacher of mine? Dare I? Dare I? Ohh... maybe not yet... 30 more pounds... hmmm..

16. Prunes and probiotics are freaking fantastic.

17. Did I mention I am loving life?

18. Out of pain and turmoil, I do some of my best writing/creating/developing. Why are tortured souls more creative? hahahahaa

19. I have decided on red as the accent for the living and dining room.

20. I wonder if I can find some art history or womens studies classes to take.. for credit or not for credit, don't care. Hmmm...

1 comment:

Telisa said...

Yes, we were OWNING that Shakira move! LOL


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