Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend In Review

It was a really GREAT weekend. Very relaxing, a little time with family... but I did kick it off with an amazing museum gallery opening reception on Friday night.

That's me. Silly little self-portrait. Ready for the opening!

The Jamaican Kitchen provided the fantastic food!

Honestly, it was standing room only - the galleries were bursting with curious guests
One of my co-workers, Leila with her husband Tim. Leila is our grants writer and she hails from London and her husband, Tim is the head of the colloborative journalism department at Mercer University. Really fantastic people. They just moved to Macon from the ATL.

Loretta and I at the reception. Loretta is a Pan African Festival committee member and a fantastic person all around. She is an independent broker/sales person for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia. Need some insurance? She's your girl!

Dean Brown and the Dub Shak did a wonderful job of keeping the guests entertained!

Trysha and I. Trysha is the daughter of one of my co-workers. Fun Fact - Trysha is an up & coming R&B singer. (She also sings Opera.) Seriously.. she will on the verge of going BIG.

Kristine and I. Kristine is a FANTASTIC folk artist and seamstress. She and I have known each other about 20 years (I dated her brother for a very long time back in college.) She came to Macon from the Atl area for this opening.

Michelle & I. Michelle is our part-time guest services person at the museum. She is a fantastic addition for our team. She just moved to Macon from Atlanta, also.

My friend Margaret came to support me! Margaret and I met almost 10 years ago at my church. She hails from South Africa. She is a fantastic friend, and a teacher.

My friend Lisa came to visit. Sad news- Lisa is moving to St. Mary's, Georgia. Good news  - That's in the golden isles of Georgia and there is BEACH.

My buddy at work - Adra. Adra is our guest services person and IT. This girl is fantastic!

My HUMBLE abode. Dated cabinets - BUT.. I found a place for all of those owl paintings my mom gave me. (She taught a class in how to paint an owl.. did not know what to do with the paintings.. I offered to take them.)

Look who came for a visit? Tickling her Uncle egyptian.

We bought a new couch and chair. Leather. Yes, I killed a cow or two.

And we bought new chairs for the dining room table. Leather also. More cows killed in the making of this home. Still need to purchase or have art created for the walls in there.

Forcing her to eat her organic herb salad and orange wedges. LOL

I gave Auttie her a bath! First time washing a child's hair. VERY interesting.

We spent the morning at the pool.

Going out with friends!

How did your weekend go?

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