Saturday, July 7, 2012

Things I have Learned this week...

1. Food processors confuse the domestically challenged.

2. Apparently, people read a little too much into your FB status updates. I had no idea that I affect people. Hmmm.. on the other hand.. nice to know my opinion matters. ;-)

3. It's better to be over dressed and over educated. ;-) Note to self: Never wear red high heels with short shorts and a tank top. Or booty shorts and a belly shirt. (I really should have taken a pic of this girl.)

4. Everybody has weird little quirks and rituals before they to bed. My friend Lisa's are fascinating. Long story.

5. It really takes more than two people to move heavy furniture. Especially when one of those people are in their late 60s.

6. Showing up at work, just a little later than normal, ensures coffee is ready and raring to go. Our curator has me trained well. :-)

7. I still hate smokey bars.

8. Some girls can be soo disgusting. Seriously. Someone left a bloody tampon on a public bathroom floor. G.R.O.S.S. *who does that????

9. I need more shoes.

10. Greek yogurt - (non fat) mixed with a ranch dressing powder packet makes a DELISH non fat dip for your not-so-non-fat chips. I hope I did not blow the diet.

11. When the sign on the pool says closed, yet the gate is unlocked. It still means the pool is closed.

12. Things aren't always as they seem. Specifically when it comes to people's marriages. (PS - this has nothing to do with me.)

13. Lawn chairs still do not satisfy the bumm. Need. Sofa. To. Be. Delivered.

14. Rivalry's makes a damn tasty french fry.

15. I miss ice cream.

16. Moving back into my own home, and unpacking all of my clothes that have been in storage for the past 9 months, is like going shopping. Everything old is new again.

17. Ex husbands can suck it.

18. Coffee remains my only salvation. Well.. of course, that and Jesus.

19. Guess who's getting a raise? Woot!

20. I think I have blocked the week out. Moving is hell. Period.


Laura Rowe [twirl] said...

Shut up you got a raise!? Nicole!

Leanne said...

Wow! I just went through a ton of emotions while reading this one . . . From "Ewwwwwwwwww" to "Awe!!!!" to "Wahooooooo!" I think I touched on them all, my friend. And . . . HOLY COW . . . A raise?????? WOOOOOOHOOOO!!!! you GO GIRL!!!!


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