Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Snacks for the Dieter

Okay - I promised to share a few recipes I am trying, but to be perfectly honest, I am in the first month of a diet and it's been a little difficult to try new things. For one, the first half of the month I was living with my family. The second half - in my new home. If you have ever moved, you know how expensive it is.. and since we do not have any kids, we were able to just buy a few essentials to get by on.

What I thought I would share with you is what I am eating. I have lost almost 10 pounds. (I am like .4 away from 10 pounds.) In one month!

Perhaps I can share with you some of the items I have found to help quench my hunger and keep me on track.

Let's start with breakfast:

- Liquid Egg Whites. (Comes in a  carton.) I typically pour a little in a skillet and scramble. They are zero to 1 point, depending on how much you use. It's protein. It's energy. It's zero fat and cholesterol. The trick is to use cracked pepper and herbs.
- Whole Wheat English Muffin. I'm getting my fiber this way. While I am preparing my egg whites (which takes less than one minute) - I am toasting my one English muffin. Once the egg is done, I place it on the English muffin. This makes me feel full and provides sufficient fiber.
- Turkey bacon. To trick myself into thinking I am having some big, hearty breakfast, I have opted for turkey bacon. I typically make two slices - before I make my egg whites. That way it provides a little oil to cook my eggs in. I add those to the breakfast sandwich.
Two slices are 2 points on WW.

That little breakfast tastes great and provides me with everything I need to think clearly. I do drink about two cups of coffee (0 points) with 2 tbsp a piece of fat-free creamer. I don't add sugar, but when I do - I use Truvia. I don't approve of the chemical sweeteners.

Sometimes, when I am REALLY hungry, I will add one wedge of Laughing Cow creamy Swiss cheese (lite) to my egg white.


I have been trying something super yummy:

I buy one whole grain pita, stuff with the organic herb salad mix (in the plastic containers in your local produce section,) I odd a little chopped red onion, shredded carrots, sliced avocado, and sometimes a slice of provolone cheese. I drizzle with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. A tasty veggie sandwich.

This time of year I opt for watermelon and strawberries on the side. Fruit happens to be zero points in Weight Watchers.


I LOVE chips and dip. What I am doing now is purchasing a container of fat free Greek yogurt (Oikos) and adding one packet of ranch powder. (Or you can add fresh herbs.)

Then I grab the fat-free ruffles with 1/2 the calories and dip away. Or I use Quaker Rice cakes.

Another salty treat that is zero points - Pickles. I do love my pickles and green olives.


I am eating a normal dinner for the most part. I go heavy on the raw veggies (in our home, we eat Mediterranean dishes, since my husband is from Egypt,) and I go easy on the meat. We might cook some form of meat about once ever 2 weeks. It's rare, honestly. Lots of salads, hummus, veggie dishes, basmati rice, etc. I have eaten some grilled shrimp a few times this past month, as well as bean salads.


Has typically been fruit or I found these 97% fat free with no sugar added ice cream sandwiches. They are okay. Fruit is way better.

That's it. That's my food choices so far. I figured once I got closer to my 5% goal weight, I would start to reintroduce my favorite foods but in an altered state.

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Bossy Betty said...

These sound great! Yum!


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