Thursday, July 5, 2012

Things I Have Learned While Moving..

Moving. It's hell.
However there are a few nuggets of truth that will help me (and you) grow as a person.

Things I have learned while moving:

1. The idea is that to fill a box to the top will save money in the long run. Less boxes = more space on truck and less purchasing of expensive boxes from U-Haul.

2. Learning that #1 was false. It is actually more expensive and more frustrating for the people trying to move your boxes, which means you end up with an extra day or two of moving, since the boxes are too heavy to carry upstairs.

3. That having your items tucked away in storage for about 9 months will keep them safe and sound. Why did I find silverfish, spiders and mouse droppings in my carefully sealed boxes?

4. That picking out the right home and providing desired privacy for your significant other will make you a hero. It won't. Moving is still moving. It's hell.

5. That setting up your kitchen and bathroom first still remains the best idea ever. However, make sure that once you have unpacked your entire kitchen, and have used up every bit of space, that when that surprise box of "more kitchen stuff" arrives, you are able to calmly rearrange... again.

6. A big jar of dill pickle spears from your little sister is the BEST gift in the world. Especially when you are trying to do Weight Watchers and are craving something salty and can't consume the chips.. even though you are stressed out!

7. Ordering your new living room furniture and dining room chairs weeks before you move is a smart idea. Don't go the week of and expect to sitting pretty once you move in. It's hell sitting in lawn chairs.

8. Separate closets as well as separate bathrooms, just might save a marriage. ;-)

9. Two control freaks do not equal a good decorator. Especially when one of the control freaks comes from a male-dominated culture. Female loses. Random art work in random places instead.

10. There is absolutely NOTHING like sleeping in your own bed. Especially after spending the past nine months on a love seat.

11. There is absolutely NOTHING like making coffee YOUR way in YOUR coffee pot. (Well, except sleeping in YOUR own bed.)

12. I remember the scene in 'Under The Tuscan Sun' where Diane Lane's character, Frances, talked about moving into a new home: Introduce yourself slowly. Pick one room and make it your own.
I've done that and it has made all the difference.

13. Having wireless again is my drug of choice.

14. It seems I need a housewarming party to replace a few items. Anyone game?

15. That when picking out an apartment, try to visit during the "high sun." Apparently there is one room that stays hot from 10am until 3pm. Our bedroom.

16. Did I mention two bathrooms and two closets will do wonders for us?

17. I *heart* my island in the kitchen.

18. Outside of family, it's hard to get friends to drop by when there is no furniture in the living room.

19. Apparently, a professionally cleaned carpet can hide small stains. But as time goes by and you walk on said carpet, little spots begin to show up.

20. I am back to normal. :-) Almost one year later.

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