Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Just for Fun...

I thought, for fun, and for my new readers, I would do one of those "questionaires." There is a great website called Bzoink, and holds a million different little surveys and polls and questions.

I selected one at random and decided to give it a whirl. Please feel free to copy and paste the questions in your blog, it's a great way to share a little something about you with your readers!

Let's get started.

Have you ever?
Have you ever lied to someone to make them feel better? I honestly don't think so. Typically this is a problem for a lot of people. I believe in being honest, but I do try to soften the blow if necessary.
Have you ever talked on the phone for more than 3 hours at one time? I am sure I have, especially back in high school. I remember being on the phone with my friends for hours after school, even falling asleep on the phone.
Have you ever layed in the middle of the road? I have. But I got up very quickly. Not much of a risky/risk taker.
Have you ever danced in the rain? I actually have. But again, it felt sort of silly, so it was probably less than a minute.
Have you ever been on the computer until 3 am? Probably until 6am. I'm always on my laptop.
Have you ever gotten stitches? Yes, but only once. I slammed my thumb in a car door once and it sliced it and broke it in half.
Have you ever snitched on someone? Oh yeah. Someone really, REALLT bad,
Have you ever been snitched on? Probably.
Have you ever lost a friend over something little? Sure, many misconceptions and misunderstandings.
Have you ever broken someone's heart? Honestly, I don't know.
Have you ever felt heartbroken? Goodness, yes!
Have you ever killed a slug with salt? NEVER
Have you ever lied to someone you loved? Sure.
Have you ever watched a takeover on Fuse? Nope.
Have you ever shot a gun? No.
Have you ever been mud-bogging? No.
Have you ever been bitten by a horse?NO! I tend to stay clear of horses.
Have you ever spent an entire day looking for cray fish? No.
Have you ever swam across a lake?Yes
Have you ever dived into a public pool where there are 'no diving' signs? Most certainly,
Have you ever smacked someone across the face? Umm.. yeah, a few times.
Have you ever fallen in love? At least 1/2 a dozen times. ;-)
Have you ever stayed up all night playing video games? Yes. I love the Sims.
Have you ever told someone to go to hell? On multiple occassions.
Do you?
Do you like the color purple? I do like it.
Do you like Hollywood Undead? Not familair.
Do you eat your veggies? Daily!
Do you like to fish? Nope.
Do you like to hunt? Absolutely NOT.
Do you know how to swim? Most definitely.
Do you play a lot of video games? Sometimes. I stick to Heart, Mahjong and the Sims
Do you ever discriminate against anybody? I discriminate against rednecks.
Do you ever have a hunch that something isn't right but do it anyway?Yes, and regretted it later.
Do you ever get yelled at for stupid stuff? I have.
Do you ever yell at people for stupid reasons? I don't yell anymore.
Do you like to play guitar hero? Never played.
Do you like broccoli? Actually, no. But I do like it in soup.
Do you like technology? Love.
Do you ever think about someone you don't want to think about? Sometimes.
Do you ever play with knives? Not usually.
Do you ever cuss? Not as much as I used to.
Do you ever sing in the shower? Not typically.
Do you ever hum while the vacuum is on? Nooo..
Who is the lead singer of Nickelback?The guy with the blond hair.
Who is the lead singer of Creed?The guy with the dark hair.
Who is the lead singer of Hollywood Undead?Someone.
Who is the lead singer of Sugarland?That blonde chick from Georgia
Who is the lead singer of Theory of a Deadman?Someone.
Who is the president?B to the O. (Obama)
Who was the 16th president?Hee hee.. What the hell type of questions are these?
Who is the main robot in Futurama?Have no idea.
Who is the lead singer of Linkin Park?Someone.
Favorite color?More than likely light blue/aqua
Favorite flavor ice cream?Mint Chocolate Chip
Favorite food?Lately - a french fry. (Because I am on a diet and I crave carbs.)
Favorite type of soap?Bar soap. By Nubia
Favorite person?ME
Favorite singer?John Legend or Jill Scott
Favorite rapper?Snoop
Favorite Punk Rock group?The Ramones
Favorite alternative rock band?Violent Femmes
This or That.
Hot or cold?Cold
Spicy or mild?Spicy
Sweet or salty?
Hamburger or hot dog?Hotdog
Fat or skinny?Neither
Short or tall?Tall
Rock or country?Rock
Love or lust?Lust LOL
Hug or kiss?Kiss
Soda or coffee?COFFEE
Bath or shower?Shower
Die or live forever?Live forever
Listen to music or play music?Listen
Melon or berries?Melon
Watch tv or play video games?TV
Drive or ride?Ride
Tell a lie or hurt someone with the truth?Hurt with truth
Swim or float?Float
Eat or drink?Drink
Random End Questions.
How old are you?39
Guy or girl?Chica
How old do you want to be when you die?101
What song is stuck in your head?Love on Top by Beyonce
Do you spend more time inside or outside?Inside
Do you drink a lot of water?SOOO much
Do you shower regularly or not so regularly? YES

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What the heck is Hollywood Undead? Now Love on top's in my head. It seems we share a similar taste in music.


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