Thursday, July 5, 2012

This chica has a plan!

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I hope you have enjoyed my latest blog posts. I feel like my creativity is slowly returning and the flood gates are opening. I am sure it is due to the move and the job. Those holes in my life that were so important, are right back where they belong.

Before I go into another gratitude post (see, I am clearly still sooooo thankful) I wanted to tell you guys about some of the changes I plan to be making around here.

As you know, and I have stated or alluded to in past posts, that I need to get away from so much of the divulging of my personal life. Don't worry, I am still an open book - and I will continue to share as much as possible, but I have decided that to protect the innocent (and let's be honest, the not-so-innocent) I will do my best to refrain from telling all of my secrets. I think I have found a way to do this, and yet keep my blog open, honest and a little peek into my life.

I tried, unsuccessfully, to have a schedule about a year ago. I got an email that really bothered me, but I appreciated the feedback. I went back to my random dribble, but only to come out with some pieces that I enjoyed doing each week, or a few times during the month.

To help me commit to my daily writing and stay focused, here is what I plan to do and why. (The why is sooo important, because so many of you may not comment on posts, but when I change something up, you are the first to email and give me your feedback.) I actually care whether or not you enjoy my writing. As for my interests, I'm sorry, but those are mine to decide! :-)

Sundays - I like to devote my Sundays to something spiritual. Even when I am at home and totally disconnecting from the world. I plan to head back to mass this Sunday, now that I live about 2 miles from my church. (MY home church. SOOO excited!) I don't want to turn off my other friends that may not believe as I do, and I like to think I have always been very sensitive to that, but on Sundays I plan to write about my spirituality. It may be on the teachings of the Catholic church- whether or not I agree with them or perhaps what I have gleaned from the liturgy that week. I also read quite a bit of religious writings from Saints and other spiritual people. I dabble a little in zen Buddhism teachings (more so for peace of mind and learning to let things go.) I read important works from other worldly teachers. Every religion has something we can take away. Meditations, art, what have you - it's all a part of the same the coin. I hope to just share my thoughts with you on those subjects on Sunday.
* if you have a certain religious text you would like to me to look over and share my thoughts, please email me.

Mondays - Since I take a lot of photos over the weekend, I thought I would share my experiences with you on this day. I like doing the "Day in the Life of" or even the silly, "What's in my purse?" This will be the day I can just share my life - with the photos I have taken. If you want to send me a photo challenge or scavenger hunt of sorts, then email those ideas. The truth is - I love taking pictures. I want to share that part of my life with you.

Tuesday - Recipe day. I have learned to LOVE to cook. Now that I am back in my own home, I would love to share with you a cooking adventure each week. I have been collecting recipes from books, pinterest and other sites for the past year. I thought I would try them out, once a week and share with you how it turned out. This could actually be hilarious.
If you have a recipe you want me to try out - just shoot it over in an email.

Wednesday - My midweek obsession. You guys are familiar with my "You'll Thank Me Later" or "My Wish List" posts. Well, it's always something with me. I thought Wednesdays I would pull something together like this. It might be the latest concealer I am wearing or perhaps a spice I can't get enough of. Who knows...
The good news is, if you want me to review something, or try something, just shoot me an email.

Thursday - Healthy Choices. You guys KNOW I have been on this health kick, and Lord knows, I am trying really hard. I thought I would give you an update, share some things I have learned, etc. If you are struggling with your weight or healthy lifestyle choices, make sure to check out my blog each Thursday. I am learning so much each week. Day. By. Day.
If you have a question about my journey - feel free to shoot me an email. Or you can find my weight loss blog on Weight Watchers under NicoleAbdou.

Friday -"You've Got to.." Friday. Okay, I watch documentaries and a ton of other movies each week. I read tons of books. Friday is the day I am going to share with you my latest cinema/book obsession. For example, I watched a documentary last night called, Under Our Skin, about Lyme Disease. Usually, I would suddenly write a post on Lyme Disease, and you may think to yourself, "WTH? Where did this come from?" Well, it comes from me over educating myself on topics. I have to purge somewhere!! If you have a suggestion for me, then shoot me an email. PS - The Lyme Disease post IS coming. ;-)

Saturday- Things I have Learned This Week. I know that's a favorite for many of you, not to mention, it's a great place to get a little personal.

I hope you will embrace my little schedule. It helps me keep track and helps you - if there is a specific post you enjoy by me.


Until next time..


High Heeled Life said...

Sounds like you are taking control of your environment ... and that is such a wonderful feeling to have. Congratulations. Looking forward to your thoughts, questions , discoveries observations on spiritual related topics. I agree we can learn much from other cultures, beliefs etc.

You are going to be just fine!! Keep smiling...xo HHL

javacia said...

Sounds like a great schedule. I am trying to put together an editorial calendar for my new blog, but I'm struggling. This is good inspiration, though. Thanks!


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