Monday, July 2, 2012

A few glitches, A few wins.

We are officially in our new home - spent the second night here. We have (maybe) 6 more boxes in storage, my coffee table and desk to move in. Unfortunately, my Christmas items, books, china and china cabinet are going into my sister's storage unit. Until I can find some strong manly men to lift, it's going to have to remain there. At least I know it is safe and with family. But my dining room looks sooo bare without it.

We do not have any living room furniture. We purchased our set last week and was told it would be delivered from the factory (special order) early July. I can't help but wonder if our definition of early July is the same. As of right now, we have three lawn chairs in the living room. Classy.

The move has not been easy. My Dad, which you all know is not in the best of health, is completely worn out. My husband basically quit speaking to everyone, and my sister and mom were smart enough to stay away. I was worried as to how we would all recover from this, but things slowly seem to be returning to a peaceful state. Moving is hell and will cause people to just about snap.

But I am oh, so very, thankful. I am sitting on MY bed (I have not slept on a bed it almost 9 months,) I am drinking MY coffee in MY coffee mug from MY coffee pot. I am on MY laptop with MY wireless, and I could not be happier.

I have waited for this moment for sooo long. What happened last summer (July 29th I lost my job,) took me on a whirlwind of fear, insecurity and self-loathing. I got the changes (sweeping changes as I referred to them) that I had wanted. Who knew they would sweep me away before I was ready? But I survived. I went from feeling as if I was at the top of my game to come crashing down and becoming absolutely BROKE. I lost it all. I lost my job. I lost my home. I lost my hubs (technically - he went to live with his uncle in Los Angeles until I got a job or he got a job.) I lost my independence. Unfortunately, I lost a few friends.

Then slowly, but surely, God opened a little window. He taught me a few things - humility, gratitude, and forgiveness. I found a job that I could NOT be happier with. I love love love love love it. Have I ever said that about a job before? Sure, I enjoyed my other jobs, but this one - this one sets my heart on fire.

I told my manager the other day that I was two steps away from finalizing my application for the Peace Corps when he called me for the interview. I told him that though it is nice to make money, at the end of the day, I just wanted to know I make a difference. In a way, I feel like this job is affording me that very opportunity. My plans for the Peace Corps are on hold. Nothing more. It's always an option. Always.

As far as my diet (or healthy choices) are going - down 9.4 pounds in three weeks. This past week, I did not see as much weight loss. I was a little more stressed, and I cheated a few times and only ended up losing .4 of a pound. That's okay. I got up this morning and started again. I am 2.6 pounds away from my 5% goal weight. I will achieve it, if not this week, definitely next week.

I wonder - does moving count as activity points? ;-)

It's Monday and it is time for me to head out to work.

It feels AWESOME spending time with my blog in my pjs, with my coffee. Soon, I will move these moments out on the balcony.. that is.. after I purchase a little bistro table with chairs.

Have a fantastic week and if you think about it and have a moment, tell me what you are thankful for today!


LBR said...

LOVE IT NICOLE! What a year right?! I hope you're nesting like crazy, decorating how you want it, and sewing up some new pillows of course :) Miss you!

Nicole said...

Thanks, Laura. I could not be happier. Honestly. Now to just iron out the rough edges and all will be well. It's a process. If I learned nothing but one thing this last year - everything is a process. I hope your move to Mobile is going okay!

songbyrd on the mountain said...

Awesomesauce!! Happy for you girl. Life has it's moments and some are up and some are down but really when we look back, it's all wonderful in a crazy sort of way. At least, that is how I am feeling about life these days. :) Counting on pictures of your fab new place when you get it all arranged!!

scrapwordsmom said...

I am elated for you!! I can't believe you have been on this journey for nearly a year. WOW!

Your new place must feel like heaven!!!!


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