Saturday, July 21, 2012

Things I Have Learned This Week

Let's get started, shall we?

1. That I have very little tolerance for people who are soo insecure, they feel the need to throw out their resume every conversation they have with you.

2. Apparently my tolerance is so low, that I feel compelled to through MY resume right back at them.

3. FYI - Throwing out your resume is when people constantly tell you about their past experience. I gave it this term a LOOOOONG time ago. If in conversation, not writing, I EVER do that, please punch me in the face. I'll understand, I promise.

4. That maybe it is time to cut my losses with someone. But then again... it could all work out.. but then again... life is too short... but then again...

5. Clearly I have not officially learned anything in #4 other than the fact that I am indecisive when it comes really BIG issues.

6. I have insomnia.

7. If you consume egg whites and turkey bacon, you CAN lose weight.

8. That I need new shoes delivered to my door each month. I am seriously considering I need someone's experience with it. Tell me what you think of the service.

9. There seems to be another wave of break-ups and divorces about to happen in my social circle. Why do these things always happen in groups? BIZARRE.

10. That I want another degree. But I want a fun one. I was considering an E-MBA (Executive MBA) at Weslyan College.. but honestly, I want to do something creative..

11. I need a new camera.

12. I need two bar stools.

13. I need a house warming party.

14. I need to get a GA driver's license...

15. And a GA tag.

16. And a library card

17. My eyes are about to close...

18. I am too tired to finish this list..

19. Wait.. almost there...

20. DONE!

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