Monday, July 9, 2012


I had a really good conversation last night with a good friend of mine from Birmingham. She was checking in on me, making sure I was doing better.

I told her - I could not be happier.

For the most part, things are going pretty good and 2012 has not disappointed.

Sure, my life was uprooted and my pride was completely squashed, but in turn, I ended up back on my own two feet, surrounded by people who love me and in a job that honestly, brings me incredible joy.

Everything is going to be okay.

I have a few friends that are embarking on their own life changing events. One recently lost her job. She is considerably younger than I am, and I KNOW this hurts and is a difficult road to travel. Another friend is moving away, to be closer to family and seek out a better circumstance for herself. She is equally excited and nervous, and rightfully so. The great unknown is what we fear the most. The key is to turn that fear into excitement.

The possibilities are endless.

What are you leaving behind today? Is it the way you feel about a certain situation or are you genuinely trying to decide whether or not to make a serious lifestyle change?

Happy Monday, my friends.

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