Monday, July 2, 2012

The Case of Vanilla

My home is turning into vanilla.


I think the obsession with a certain culture has taken over.

No, I'm not talking about me.

I may look vanilla, but I am anything but.

I married the egyptian to add a little color into my life. Think the golden sands of Cairo, the sparkly lights of Ramadan, the glittery mosaic walls of Alexandria, the sequins veils, the colorful antiquities.. I could go on and on.

Guess what he likes? Plain Jane Vanilla.

Soooo.. we bought a creme colored couch, chair and dining room chairs. Think- modern/scandanavian.. mode.

Then there is bohemian/eclectic.. me.

Trying to adjust to vanilla.

This should be interesting... ;-)

1 comment:

Leanne said...

I used to give my sister a hard time for years, because her favorite colors were beige, cream and oatmeal.Iit took her a long time (and a great deal of encouragement from me) tofinaloy let some color into her home! Just keep telling him that it's just "accent colors". good Luck!


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