Friday, July 13, 2012

You Have Got To See..

I have spent the last week completely sedating my brain with movies and television shows online. I work hard, when I am at work and I have spent the past week or so unpacking and moving. The only way I could unwind for a bit was to consume a little Netflix.

I have a few suggestions for you this Friday!

1. My documentary pic of the week goes out to National Geographic. I caught "The most amazing moments." This film was incredible. It showed clips from the top kills to the top natural disasters.. I could go on and on. I think some of the highlights were:
- Witnessing a frog swallow a newt whole, then in less than 5 minutes, the frog dies and the newt crawls out of his mouth and goes on about his business.
- The death of a baby hippo by a male hippo. (Yes, it brought a tear to my eye.)
- An avalanche on Anna Purna
- The Afghan Girl, found two decades later.

It was good stuff and moved quite fast. If you aren't into documentaries, this one is a quick and easy choice.

2. Don't laugh - but Mob Wives. I have officially watched each episode and reunion shows. I gotta say, I tend to side with Drita and Carla.

3. Drop Dead Diva - I just finished the 3rd season, and it left me begging for more. Yes, I know it is currently on. But I am that weirdo that waits until the season has ended, then I proceed to do a marathon viewing.

As for my scheduled TV time? I watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey and that's about it for now. I tried to do the NYC one this season, but without Alex and Jill - so not interested. That's a shame, because I adore Ramona.

Also - just FYI - got Takers on DVD from Netflix. I did not even finish it. Soooo bad. (in my opinion.)

What are you watching this weekend?

1 comment:

Roxanne Ravenel said...

I watched the first few episodes of Drop Dead Diva and really liked it. But I sort of lost track of it. Maybe I'll catch up on the past seasons over the summer.


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