Sunday, July 15, 2012

Starting the Week off right..

Sunday is the most important day for so many of us in the 'western' world. It's the first day of the week. Typically, most people have this day off to enjoy and more importantly, it's the day of Sabbath for a majority of the population.

How many times have you started a new project, diet, exercise routine, etc. on a Sunday? Guilty as charged! Why not take that 'new beginning' to another level. Perhaps what I am trying to say is - guide yourself a little on your new quest.

I found this quote almost one year ago. Perhaps it is not an official quote, but it serves our purpose for today.

It asks some really great questions - What did I do for my mind? My body? My spirit? My creativity and passion? We're not talking about the past or the future, only today.

That's a great practice to incorporate. So many of us have gratitude journals and dream boards and a set schedule for exercise, but do we see it as a chore or as a way to grow as a person. I like trying to answer these questions as a way to take stock of the good I did for me today. Hundreds of articles have gone on to say that so many people (specifically women) tend to take care of everyone else, before themselves. I think if at the beginning of the day you glance at these questions, then at the end of the day answer those questions and you will probably fulfill your most basic needs.

It's only 1pm here, but I can answer a few of those questions already!

What did you do for your mind? I plan to watch a documentary on the vanishing of the bees tonight.
What did you do for your body? I swam with my niece for almost 2 hours this morning.
What did you do for your spirit? My plan was to go to church, since I did not -perhaps I will  spend some time finishing Ecclesiastes. I started reading it last night, and it really spoke to me.
My creativity? I have been snapping photos of my niece all morning.
Passion? Well - you are seeing it!!

I want you guys to consider those questions with me. I think if when we have our basic needs covered, we are able to function. I think when we can answer these questions, we will have joy.

Share your thoughts!

1 comment:

High Heeled Life said...

Love the questions this poses! I totally agree we need to feed our minds, body and spirit - to be able to go on to help others!! Thanks for sharing this with us today!!! xo HHL


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