Friday, June 29, 2012

Take me far, far away.
I am assuming today is going to be a bit stressful. We have to establish service for our utilities, sign our lease, and agree on bathroom designs.

**woo saaaa**

Since the stress of "where to place the couch" and "but I don't like that picture there" will probably be overshadowing the fact that I get to take my first day off from my new job, I decided I needed to create a fantasy vacation. One where the ocean breeze, salty air, and frozen cocktails prevail.

If you will indulge me, it's time for one of Nicole's famous fantasy dates - this time: Destination - beach.

Let's start with this fabulous list. I am a bit of a planner - especially when it comes to vacay - I LOVE this list maker pad.

Every girl needs a nice new pair of shades.
Or a fabulous set of Gucci Luggage
How about some adorable Dior Ear Buds
I thought this was marvelous for carrying your beach reading!
I love this portable BBQ for the beach

How about this wonderful organizer for all of your electronic (important) items. Be still my beating heart. I mean, seriously, I can't go on vacay without my Iphone/Ipod, etc.

I think this would make a great outfit for a day of touring the sites!

The perfect beach bag and towel

I thought this would make a great flying ensemble

This outfit would be great for a brunch with the girls by the beach. You know, lots of picture taking will be happening - have to look cute!

Perfect for shopping by the beach!

Excellent for wearing over a bathing suit - for a day by the water and mixed with a little fun.

My Iphone cover needs to have a motivational mantra for me. ;-)

Best way to get around - on a Vespa

Walking on the beach at night can get a little chilly - or for that day on the boat!

Ride that Vespa in style. I totally would!

You know there will be at least one fancy night! ;-)

Good walking shoes

Perhaps an evening out with dinner and an outdoor concert!

Finally - the anything goes!



Leanne said...

Oh, dear . . .a lovely trip away sounds so amazing right now, doesn't it? thinking of you, my friend, and looking forward to photos of the new place once you are settled!

scrapwordsmom said...

You have inspired me lately with your weight loss!!

I put you on my blog:)


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